Delegating after transferring?

From what I read, after clicking delegate and approving some LPT, I should be able to delegate to a specific address/transcoder.

After adding some LPT tokens successfully, but I never got the chance to choose a delegate/transcoder, even though I had a popup that said I should have.

You can only delegate while visiting an orchestrators specific profile page (unless you are calling smart contract functions directly), from where did you delegate?

Trying to reply, but I am getting a message that says I cannot include links, but there are no links. Had to trash my post as something was getting flagged…

So I went to the livepool.eth page (livepool’s binary makes everything very easy), and connected my wallet and delegated my LPT tokens.

I got a small screen that had an “Approve” and “Delegate” button. After adding my LPT from Arbitrum, and waiting for the approval process to finish, I got something along the lines of:
“Congratulations, now you can delegate to a transcoder”. But all the screens disappeared and I dont think I ever saw the second step.

In the “My Account” page, I can see my staked LPT tokens.

That does not sound right. Livepool operates from and their binary is unrelated to delegating. It is recommended to delegate using the official Livepeer explorer. The only pool I know of which has a staking component built in is VideoMiner

It sounds like you followed the link to Livepool’s profile from their website though. If you can see your stake on the official Livepeer explorer you should be good

PS: as a sidenote I would recommend you to look into Titan node and VideoMiner if you are interested in transcoding for a pool from a simple binary. Livepool is one of the worst performing Orchestrators on the network and will likely feel the effects of upcoming changes to the selection process heavily. They don’t have any performance tracking built in and are already being swapped out by Broadcaster nodes due to not being able to transcode in realtime

Thanks Stronk!

I am not staking with the livepool binary. I am staking on the livepool-io’s (If I type the . in the URL, the forums tell me I can’t use a link) explorer on the livepool orchestrator page.

But i can’t seem to post links. Sorry about that.

Right, in that case you’ve ‘selected’ Livepool to stake towards, which is probably what you meant to do. If you want to choose which orchestrator you want to delegate with, there’s a dedicated page on the explorer which lists all active orchestrators. If you are on the page where you approve and delegate, you’ve already selected an Orchestrator

Ahh I see. I thought the staking could be delegated to a specific transcoder, Ethereum address. I think that was my misunderstanding.

Yeah, delegating is towards a single Orchestrator. The Orchestrator is a representative of their Transcoders. Transcoders themselves are off-chain. Even though they are represented by an ETH address in public pools, they aren’t part of the Livepeer protocol so cannot be delegated towards

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