Missing staked tokens to VidelDac

I move 42 LPT tokens to Livepeer on Arbitrum.
I staked 21 to Interptr.eth and 21 to VideoDac.
This was all about 1 month ago.
When I went to check today I can only see the 21 staked to Interptr.eth; VideoDac is not showing any LPT staked by me.
What happen to the stake to VideoDac?

Verify your Ethereum wallet on Arbitrum - the 21 LPT you tried to stake to VideoDac are still in your wallet. You can only delegate to one Orchestrator at the time from the same wallet. If you want to delegate to two different Orchestrators, you need to move your unstaked LPT to a different wallet.

Thank-you. Your response solved my problem.

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