Staking and rewards

Hi, I started using Livepeer about a year ago and used the Classic Explorer wallet. I found an Orchestrator and delegated my initial LPT via Metamask and added further LPT as and when it was appropriate. Previously, I was able to see the amount of LPT that existed in my account and also the amount of LPT I could claim and delegate, which was added to my portfolio total. I have not invested further LPT for some time now, and when I tried to access the Classic Explorer page, it had been removed. I then tried the Livepeer Explorer page and found the new layout. However, the format has changed and all I can see
under my profile is my staked balance and rewards earned all time. If I go to the History and see the staked and claimed earnings, I cannot fathom out what I am supposed to see with this information. Are any of the Rounds shown available for me to claim or is it done automatically for me? Have I missed any rounds? I can’t make sense of this and probably it’s due to my lack of understanding, but can I get an idiots guide on how to view and use this site. Thank you.

To the replies I have received to my email, a big “Thank You”. The Explorer page now has been altered and my rewards have been added automatically as suggested by one of the replies.

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Well done Roger, and thanks for making some noise in the forum!

It’s great to hear the honest and open feedback from Livepeer’s longer-term stakers… and if this is what you are experiencing, then likely there are others.

Thank you for your involvement so far.