Problems Claiming my Stake and Fees Using STAKE ORCHESTRATOR and COINBASE WALLET

I have not claimed my rewards in a while and now that I am trying, the explorer does not let me.

I use the livepeer explorer, connect my COINBASE Wallet, which has ETH, and ArbETH, and the correct number of staked LPT appears on the screen, but when I click on “Claim Stake & Fees”, I always get a pop up window saying:

A preview of the transaction is NOT available…

Provides a number of ETH that may be necessary for the transaction (which is already in the COINBASE Wallet). Please deposit more ETH.

And does not let me confirm the transaction, only to cancel it.

Could you please help me unstake my LPT, choose a different Orchestrator and migrate to Arbitrum?


Hello. Were you able to get this figured out?

If not, it might be helpful if you shared a little more information, such as your wallet address, and a screenshot of the particular interaction you’re trying to do. If you’re not comfortable sharing that publicly, you could join the Livepeer Discord and file a support ticket, to then receive DM support.