I can't claim AETH

I went into my account to claim AETH. It shows a zero balance for ETH. AETH does not show anywhere.

My LPT is increasing like it should. I thought maybe I had to withdraw to withdraw the fees in order for them to register. It cost me $0.10 to find out that didn’t work.

How do I claim my AETH?

Hey, if your balance shows 0 for ETH (which is the same as AETH) then there’s nothing to claim. Which Orchestrator are you delegated to? If it’s one with a lot of delegators, or delegators with significantly more stake than you, you won’t receive a lot of ETH since it’s split between delegators depending on how much they’re staking. It also depends on whether or not the Orchestrator is performing well, since the ETH an O receives depends on how much work they do.

My LPT is delegated through Pragu.eth. I have had it staked for quite awhile so I expected there would be some ETH.

Thank you,
Dave Anderson

I see. Looking at Pragu.eth, they have ~175k LPT staked and one delegator who’s staking over 100k LPT, so most of the ETH fees go to them. They’re also fairly far down on the trailing 90-day fees list, so they’re not earning that much in general. You may have a fractional amount of ETH that isn’t enough to show up in the explorer, but you should still be able to withdraw it.

Can I change my delegator? If so, what criteria should I be looking for in a new delegator?

Thank you,
Dave Anderson

You can move your stake freely within the network. You should see an option to move your stake on either your account page or the page of the orchestrator you’re delegated to.

If you care more about ETH, you’re going to want to look for an orchestrator with a solid track record of winning tickets (filter by 90d trailing fees on the explorer), that also has a good delegator spread. You can also filter by forecasted yield, and a few other things too.

There’s a community tool that allows you to inspect orchestrators and see how much each delegator is staking, so once you’ve found an O you like, you can go here and filter by their address and inspect them: Livepeer Supplementary Explorer