How much ETH and LPT are required to start an orchestrator

I heard of Livepeer at I Earn $1000 A Month Using my Old nVidia GPUs: A How-To Guide | Hacker Noon

I have read the Livepeer docs too and it’s still unclear how much of an investment (of ETH and LPT) is required to start being an orchestrator.

If someone would post ballpark numbers I’d really appreciate it.

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So, in order to become part of the active set of 100, an Orchestrator currently needs >1 LPT staked to it.

As for the amount of ETH, this will vary based on gas prices… but here is an estimate:

To register as an Orchestrator, you will need to call 4 transactions:

  • approve = ~44,009 units of gas
  • bond = ~627,549 units of gas
  • transcoder = ~120,548 units of gas
  • setServiceURI = ~50,957 units of gas

Total = ~843,063 units of gas, which at current gas prices of 34 gwei per unit of gas, would be 0.028664142 ETH.

You can choose to budget for more / less than this, if you would like your registration to happen faster / less fast. Up to you, hope this helps.

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Thanks, this was exactly what I needed.
Time to test on Rinkeby and then setup a node.


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If you’re running on Rinkeby, you will likely want to test your setup with a Livepeer Broadcaster. You can use the same livepeer binary for this, by running:

./livepeer -broadcaster -network rinkeby -ethUrl -maxPricePerUnit 1000000000 -orchAddr xx.xx.xx.xx:8935

where xx.xx.xx.xx is the address of your Orchestrator.

You will need to deposit some funds into your Broadcaster’s address, which you can do via the livepeer_cli.

Drop a message on Discord if you get stuck anywhere.

To use livepeer_cli for the Broadcasters, you will need to choose option 11:

What would you like to do? (default = stats)
1. Get node status
2. View protocol parameters
3. List registered orchestrators
4. Invoke "initialize round"
5. Invoke "bond"
6. Invoke "unbond"
7. Invoke "rebond"
8. Invoke "withdraw stake" (LPT)
9. Invoke "withdraw fees" (ETH)
10. Invoke "transfer" (LPT)
11. Invoke "deposit broadcasting funds" (ETH)
12. Invoke "unlock broadcasting funds"
13. Invoke "cancel unlock of broadcasting funds"
14. Invoke "withdraw broadcasting funds"
15. Set broadcast config
16. Set maximum Ethereum gas price
17. Get test LPT
18. Get test ETH
19. Sign a message
> 11
Current Deposit: 0 WEI
Current Reserve: 0 WEI
Enter deposit amount in ETH - > 0.2
Enter reserve amount in ETH - > 0.2
fundDepositAndReserve success true

This will allow your to deposit test ETH to pay your test Orchestrator