Orchestrator setup - newbie

Hi to all!
I’m new at Livepeer and trying to setup a orchestrator but I’m stuck.

I’ve followed the installation steps and patched the nvidia gpu but when I start the Livepeer.exe it tells me that “orchestrator not available”.

Should I send some ETH and LPT to the generated wallet before start the executable? Or is it about communicating issue? Because even if I’ve forwarded port 8935 to my pc, Livepeer doesn’t tell me “received ping request”. Just gives me “orchestrator not available” warning and shuts itself down.

I’ve a static IP by the way.

If you haven’t done so already you can try follow the YouTube guide I made for setting up an Orchestrator

Also by the sounds of your problem you are still blocking the port. Have you opened the firewall in your OS as well as forwarded? Are you behind a router by chance? Those can cause tons of problems.

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Thanks for your help, yes i’ve already watched your videos, much appreciated.

yes unfortunatelly i’m behind a router. i have 100mbit fiber connection but in my house there’s just a simple huawei router which connected to the ISP by ethernet cable (i mean isp’s switches at the basement of our building). it’s a cheap router, i made all the forwarding, disabling firewall, giving exceptions on windows firewall etc. but can’t get 8935 port open. will try to get that router changed.

don’t think there’s much i can do but what do you think?

If you have an Ethernet cable coming in to your place you might be able to connect that cable directly to your PC and bypass the router completely. Just to test it out.

Also you can use this port listener tool: RJL Software - Software - Utility - Port Listener

and listen on port 8935

and use a port checker: Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router

to see if you are getting through.

But I have had the issue where the port was open and when Livepeer runs it still won’t connect because of an outbound firewall with the router unable to send data on port 8935, which again is usually a router issue.

Incoming ethernet cable must connected to the router’s wan port in order to connect to the ISP because router has the username and password. So I can’t connect the ethernet cable directly to a PC or any other device :frowning:

When I use port listener tool and check if the port is open via open port check tool, it says “open” but as soon as I stop listening that port, it says “closed”. Livepeer can’t receive ping request wheter I listen port or not.

I guess my router has a problem. I’ve talked the customer service of my ISP and they said that port is open but I can’t reach it :frowning:

Do you by chance have a VPN installed on your computer? Maybe this could be affecting your node, even if it’s not running.

Also do you have another PC you can try launch the program on? Maybe with a fresh install of windows…

Otherwise your only other option is to use a VPS to run a standalone Orchestrator node and connect your Transcoder to it from your place.

I’ve used Turnkey Internet before and they are pretty good.

Thanks for your help. I don’t have any vpn but will try another pc as soon as I get one. I have a Mac mini late 2012, maybe I’ll try that also but not sure if it’s powerful enough. Probably a vps setup would be too complicated for me but I’ll give it a shot.