Node operator survey


We are conducting a survey related to our research on the tokenomics of web3 infrastructure networks to understand the orchestrator/transcoder setups and related costs as well as the motivations of node operators as key stakeholders of the livepeer network.


The survey seeks to understand your perspective as a node operator to get a better understanding on the motivations, setups and related costs of the orchestrator- and transcoder-nodes of the livepeer network.

All this information is kept anonymous and all questions are optional. We highly appreciate your effort in taking the time and sharing this information. If interested, we can provide a benchmark of your answers to the aggregation of all participants.

The aggregated results will be shared as a forum post (and based on discussions we can for sure provide further follow ups).


We appreciate your efforts in answering these questions:

Link to the survey

We would like your input by 15/08/2023.

We’re also offering individual calls where we will talk through and fill the survey questions with you, if this would be preferred. In case you’d like to setup a call, please reach out to Robert.

In case you want to see all questions before starting the survey, see here.

A big thanks to all the community members of the last water-cooler chat for their input on the questionnaire.

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