Contributing to the Livepeer Desktop App

The Livepeer Desktop App is meant to demonstrate the basic functionality of the Livepeer network - broadcasting a stream, and consuming someone else’s stream. It currently runs only on OS X and has a simple UI.

Many folks have asked how they can contribute to the Livepeer project, and I think extending the Livepeer desktop app is one of the easiest ways to get started. Here are some ideas:

  • Get the app building and running for Windows and/or for Linux. It is an Electron app, so it should be portable, however it packages our go-based Livepeer node and ffmpeg, each of which are built platform specific.
  • Add some constant video streams, and link them in the UI. Folks trying Livepeer for the first time should have a stream to consume. Write a script that constantly loops a video into a stream, and add a link to it in the player UI. (Bonus points if the video is awesome).
  • Enhance the player - support fullscreen viewing.
  • Allow the broadcaster to switch between a screenshare or their camera.
  • General UX work and design - start with a proposal.
  • Find bugs! We’ve run across many as this is a work in progress. Let us know what problems you run in to.

These stories are captured in the github issues and marked “help wanted”. Feel free to jump in and get involved.