This week in Livepeer - 4/28/2017

The Livepeer Desktop App
This week saw a lot of progress on the Livepeer desktop app, and it’s almost ready to release on OS X with other platforms to follow.

While this certainly isn’t a polished consumer or enterprise product, it is the minimum viable user interface for a user to be able to

  1. Broadcast a live streaming video from their front facing camera
  2. Consume another Livepeer stream from anywhere in the network.

At this point we’ll be able to move from “Build our node using your local golang environment and send video to rtmp port 1935” to “just double click the Livepeer app and press broadcast.”

After publishing the Whitepaper last week, implementation is underway on the Livepeer protocol smart contracts. We’ll open it up after we reach our first milestone which is to support the bonding, unbonding, and delegation process for transcoder election.

A lot of bug fixes and improvements to HLS streaming through Livepeer were made this week. Follow along with the LPMS and go-livepeer repos on github for details.

Great news!

I want to install on Windows 10 - when might you be able to ship an .exe for me?

After we open up the OS X version, which should also theoretically work on Linux, this week, it shouldn’t take too much work to get it working on Windows. This would be a great task for a community member to pick up. I’ll try to find someone who can get on helping us out with this.