Efficiency Indicator

I made a formula to see wich transcoder gives the highest reward per token.
It goes from 0 to 1 where 0 is no efficiency at all and 1 is the most efficient.

Here it is: Immagine

Rn is the transcoder reward to stake ratio and R0 is the reward to stake ratio of the transcoder with the highest ratio.
f is the transcoder reward cut

I would love to see it implemented on the website because it can help both stakers to find out wich transcoder is more beneficial for them and also can help transcoders to adjust their fees to the avarage.

This is an example i made manually for round 1400 and as you can see the 15th transcoder is the most efficient https://imgur.com/LEPvj9c

How does Rn differ between transcoders? I thought the reward to stake ratio was the same for all transcoders, but I could be mistaken…

Yes i thought the same. I calculated them by myself but probably i made a mistake because people can unbond and bond to other transcoders.
Probably by using the exact staked tokens when the reward is paid will give back the same ratio for all. so this formula is useless :sweat_smile: . you can use the reward cut %

formula seems ok and good to go

Someone can explain me what are:
Rn is the transcoder reward to stake ratio.
R0 is the reward to stake ratio of the transcoder.

I have checked the formula with the active Delegate Transcoders and I couldn´t get your numbers Raffozor. Maybe I am using the wrong values.