Transcoder List - Supplement to Explorer List

Work in Progress - 30 September 2018

I’m sharing this now to collect information from existing transcoders.

-I’m in the process of updating the list information. It should be ready today.
-If you’d like info added to your entry, please let me know in the Telegram channel linked below

I’ve developed a new Transcoder List. It’s intended to supplement the list on the Livepeer Explorer. For example, it maps Transcoder campaigns to their respective addresses.

Find the list here.

It’s updated weekly. The list is one of my Livepeer Community contributions.

It’s also a work in progress. Do you have suggestions to improve it? Would you like your transcoder entry updated? Let me know in the Chainflow Livepeer Telegram channel.

You can support us by bonding your LPT to the Chainflow Livepeer Transcoder here.


I would like to see a simple calculator which compare rewards which transcoders generate for a staker. It should be very simple and straightforward for people where to stake.

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Are you aware of the work that @dob did in the hackday in May, about integrating with ENS for name registration?

Thanks for the input. How would the calculator work, i.e. input an amount of LPT, then see the potential returns over time?

I was thinking of it and I guess it is too early. I would suggest having something like ROI in LPT and $/ETH. But the problem is that we don’t know the inflation rate, transcoders change terms, the token is not traded well. The problem now is that it is not that easy to choose a best ROI transcoder.

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I’ve updated the list to include a column that calculates the stake % of the the total stake each Transcoder holds.

Current summary -

  • % stake held by top transcoder - 13% (by two transcoders)

  • total # of transcoders holding 67% of the stake - 6 (68.77%)

  • % stake held by unidentified transcoders - 36.23%

This week’s list update is complete. I’ve added a % change column to it. It shows you how a transcoder’s stake has decreased or increased compared to the previous week.

Find the list here.

This week’s update is complete. See it here.