Grants Committee Call Recap - 02.04.21

Every two weeks the Grants committee meets online to discuss on-going projects and new initiatives with the goal of growing the Livepeer ecosystem through inflationary funding.

Grant Committee Monthly Recap

Livepeer MVP Performance Incentive Program
The Grants Committee funded the MVP Performance Incentive Program proposed by @yondon aimed to incentivize orchestrator performance improvements among orchestrators and make the Livepeer more reliable, scalable and geographically distributed. You can learn more about how the MVP Performance Incentive Program went here: MVP Performance Incentive Program · Issue #20 · livepeer/Grant-Program · GitHub.

Livepeer Community Node
In an effort to expand the Community Nodes capacity to perform useful work on the Livepeer network, the grants committee rented GPUs for the Community Node with the Community Node achieving a total score of 8.68 performing and a success rate of 88.10% for the Europe area in round 3 of the MVP Performance Incentive Program. Translations
To help expand the reach of the site beyond just the English speaking community, the grants committee has begun funding translations for the site. Spanish, Russian and Mandarin translations have been completed and will be rolled out on the website in the next few weeks.

Quadratic Funding Trial
After a suggestion by community member @chrishobcroft, we are exploring conducting a quadratic funding trail for the grants committee with the grants committee match funding Livepeer related community grants on Gitcoin. We are currently reaching out to the Gitcoin team to look further into what this could look like for the grants committee.

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Thanks for this update @nryan - excellent to see a summary of the committee’s operations!

Excited to see what comes back from Gitcoin about the Quadratic Funding… it seems like a great way to engage community around a central pool of capital, to optimise its allocation in an open and transparent way!

It can also act a way to provide a platform to test the wider community’s appetite and desire for some more experimental projects… @videoDAC is even preparing a few potential applications of it’s own, as a way of sharing ideas and engaging human energy around them (if it’s there!).

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