Grants Committee Call Recap - 12.06.20

Every two weeks the Grants committee meets online to discuss on-going projects and new initiatives with the goal of growing the Livepeer ecosystem through inflationary funding.

Call Recap

Retroactive Grants
Working to distribute LPT into the hands of users of the Livepeer network, we have continued assigning LPT to individuals and teams who have added value to the network and community. At this stage, we have allocated 3x $1,000 grants and 4x $500 grants which are in the process of being distributed.

Livepeer Governance Bot
Community member @vires-in-numeris has completed a grant to build the Livepeer governance bot which tracks network governance proposals and voting providing alerts. The governance bot can be found in both the Livepeer discord and or the telegram bot can be found here. Translations
To help expand the reach of the site beyond just the English speaking community, the grants committee has begun funding translations for the site starting with Russia, Mandarin and Spanish which are currently in progress.

Livepeer Community Node
In an effort to expand the Community Nodes capacity to perform useful work on the Livepeer network, we are currently exploring renting GPUs to allow the Community Node to perform transcoding jobs for token holders delegated to the community node.