Grant Node Committee Call Recap - 06.05.20

Every two weeks the Grant Node committee meets online to discuss on-going projects and new initiatives with the goal of growing the Livepeer ecosystem through inflationary funding.

Call Recap

Retroactive Grants
In an effort to get LPT into the hands of actual users of the network and to align and incentivize them to continue building and growing the ecosystem, the committee is committing $5000 worth of retroactive LPT grants to individuals or teams we feel have added value to the network, with a bias towards those who have yet to establish meaningful network equity. The committee plans on giving out the following grants over the course of a month: 2 x $1000 + 3 x $500 + 4 x $250 + 5 x $100.

Note: If there is an individual or team you believe is deserving of one of these grants please reach out.

Liquidity Providers
As a crypto-incentivized protocol, liquidity is obviously important. It makes it easier for new entrants to participate in the network (and existing participants to exit). The committee discussed granting some LPT to people working on experimenting with some of the DeFi/DEX liquidity providers popping up, specifically Hummingbot. It concluded that once Hummingbot finishes its uniswap or poloniex integrations, this is something it could help fund.

Spark Hackathon
The Grant Node, on behalf of the Livepeer project, has signed up to be a “challenge partner” at an upcoming 8-week hackathon called Spark aimed at UK universities. The committee has agreed to award the following prizes: 1 x £2000 + 1 x £1000 + 1 x £500 paid in LPT. Read more about the Spark hackathon challenges here:

Filecoin + Livepeer Project
The Grant Node, in collaboration with Filecoin, will be funding a project that showcases a Filecoin and Livepeer integration. Two grantees have committed to building a “web3-powered alternative” and it will be launched in tandem with the Filecoin mainnet launch.

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Hey, the Filecoin + Livepeer thing is very cool-sounding.

Are any further details available?

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Sure. There are two parties that have committed to the project, Buidl Labs and Basement Studio. Buidl Labs will be creating a gateway API that interacts with the Livepeer (for transcoding) and Filecoin (for storage) APIs and the vision is to offer developers an API that looks very similar to this Mux “Direct Upload” API to power video-on-demand applications such as only a more cost-effective web3-enabled version. Basement Studio will be doing the frontend design and integration to demo this API.