Hacker Request: Morpheus Livepeer compute provider and agent

This is an idea for a Livepeer and Morpheus integration that a video builder in our community could take on, that would:

  • Drive adoption to Livepeer’s new AI generative video capabilities
  • Contain incentives for the developer in both Morpheus and Livepeer
  • Be a good candidate for a Livepeer grant


Morpheus is a project that is attempting to decentralize AI, and support the concept of “Autonomous AI Agents”. Essentially giving individuals access to their own personal AI bots that they can chat with or have take actions on their behalf. It has a thriving hacker community, phase one is launched already which provides incentives for people to provide liquidity for their MOR token, and the next phase which opens up their AI Agent and compute marketplaces is supposed to goes live in a little over a month.

They have built in incentives for compute providers, such as Livepeer. Livepeer can provide compute when agents request generative video tasks, such as “make me a meme” or “make me a gif”, or “generate me a video that does X”. They also have incentives for developers of agents that are available in their marketplace.

A powerful thing here is that the Morpheus tokeneconomics are trying to make inference appear nearly free to users in the early days. The MOR rewards for compute providers are meant to more than cover the costs, and so the Morpheus protocol would essentially be providing capital and fees flowing into the Livepeer network, without users needing to pay out of their own pocket. (Leaving potential attacks or weaknesses of this design aside) this is a cool opportunity for the Livepeer network node operators to earn fees that another protocol is paying out to let users use the service for nearly free.

Project suggestion

Integrate Livepeer as a compute provider available to perform these video tasks on the Morpheus network at launch, and integrate support for generating videos into agent that makes use of these tasks.

Integrating Livepeer as a compute provider

Run an AI-enabled Catalyst Node (still in development) and register it as a compute provider on Morpheus. Build your own MOR → ETH conversion to fund your node with ETH based on the MOR rewards you’re earning and the demand. This could be manual process or automated, as MOR is an ERC-20 on Ethereum/Arbitrum so could be automatically swapped for ETH via Uniswap.

Integrate generative video into a Morpheus agent

This requires a little bit of product learning, as I’m not up to speed on their agent marketplace yet. If everyone is working to create one LLM chatbot agent initially, and that’s what everyone will use, then just work with that codebase to add support for generative video tasks on appropriate queries. When the agent tries to find a compute provider that can do generative video, the Livepeer compute provider would be well suited to succeed at this work, and hopefully win the job.

If there are a bunch of use case specific agents being developed, then perhaps you need to use their agent framework to develop a simple one that just supports generative media like images + video.


  • I certainly think this is Livepeer grant worthy on two levels. One is a grant to support the development. Another would potentially be to acquire MOR to stake as the compute provider - this is perhaps better suited to a treasury vote, and the MOR would be owned by the treasury, although used to stake the Livepeer node.

  • Morpheus is distributing MOR to compute providers and to agent builders. Whoever takes on the project would earn this as a built in incentive.

  • Ultimately, if it appears that generative video is free or nearly free on Morpheus…but it’s generating a lot of MOR that gets converted to ETH and paid into the Livepeer network as fees…then our node operators earn, our fees and utility metrics go way up, and we showcase to the world that Livepeer can be an affective backing infra for AI video compute. This should help Livepeer as a project tremendously.


It’s unclear at this point that generative video through Morpheus agents would actually have demand. That’s a product and adoption challenge that you would be taking on.


Great idea, just been looking into the Morpheus project, seems very interesting (although I am slightly against the idea of supporting the growth of stETH through their bootstrapping mechanism).

I see that Livepeer is noted as a resource for inference integration. Seems like they’ve already though of Livepeer as a possible cross network supply of compute from this commit 2 months ago, or they are just learn from our network experience.

Either way I think there is an opportunity to use our video expertise and work together with them as mentioned above.

Very exciting times for AI!