Help Claiming Stake & Fees in Unclaimed Earnings

I have just realized that even though the total Stake reported on My Account > Staking also includes Unclaimed Token Rewards - the rewards themselves, as reported in Unclaimed Earnings, need to be claimed first in order to bond them afterward.

I had mistakenly thought the process was automated as the amount reported in Stake increased from round to round.

Should unclaimed earnings be claimed after each round?

In any event, I am now trying to use the Claim Stake & Fees function to claim the unclaimed rewards earned during my first 14 rounds of participation.

The problem is tha tthe transaction seems to be “stuck”, as “Claim Earnings” shows up in the MetaMask account, but the status has been pending for the past couple of hours now.

I have tried cancelling and increasing the gas to medium and high to see if that helps, but the transaction status stays stuck in pending.

Ultimately, I am not able to claim my rewards in order to stake them.

Can someone please assist?


Your rewards are automatically added to your stake, so it compounds without claiming them each round. The claiming is just needed due to accounting reasons when you want to bond (to another transcoder or more LPT) or unbond.

Now to your second problem. Is there just one transaction pending or multiple? If the first one is stuck, all following transactions are also stuck - so you need to find the first stuck one and fix it.
If you can, try the “speed up” feature in metamask to increase the gas price (should be next to the cancel option once you click on the transaction). If that is not available, you need to create a new transaction from the same wallet with the same nonce as the stuck transaction. You can go to, unlock your wallet and click on “advanced” to manually set the nonce. E.g. you can send 0 ETH to yourself with the same nonce as the stuck transaction to “cancel” this transaction.

Thanks for the Help!! Got the whole thing unstuck by cancelling the first transaction, and everything went through smoothly afterward. Cheers!!