Help with transfer - PLEASE SOMEONE ? incorrect amount

I need help re transaction
188 sent but only 90 received for staking - who can i ask questions to as I’m new >>

Hi, can you please provide a little more information to help debug? Is there an account address, or Ethereum transaction hash so that we can look at the transactions to see what the inputs were?

Hi Doug

Info below

my address = 0x83ABd57D26C2D022781ea7114f9D6Fa9c7821356
you can explorer on livepeer 0x83abd57d26c2d022781ea7114f9d6fa9c7821356

I sent 188 to:


This is the address that created the livepeer account 0xb5af4138f0f33be0d6414eb25271b9c2dc245fb5

that same person also has created this account

explorer on livepeer 0x08D185fF976a5aEf915689316e5b2850A85AC3F2/delegating

Below also shows here that the input was 188.

Thank you,
Wan & Shaun

It looks like the “approve()” transaction authorized a transfer of 188 LPT, however the account only ever had 88 LPT, and that is the amount of the “bond()” transaction.


This shows the token transactions for this account. It shows 88 LPT in from Idex, and then 88 LPT out as part of the bond transaction.

For what it’s worth, the “approve()” transaction can contain any amount greater than or equal to what you want to bond, as it’s just authorizing future bonding. Many people fill in something large like 999999999999 just so that they don’t have to re-approve for future bonding actions.

In short, everything looks normal to me.

Oh… ok

I thought something had scalped my tokens

Like I said - we are rather new to this…

Keep up the great work - looking forward to helping livepeer with my GPU RIG :grinning:

Thank you,