HiveOS Custom miner

I worked on a custom miner implementation for HiveOS.
You can find the “miner” here: GitHub - MozComputing/Livepeer-HiveOS


Only extra config arguments are used by livepeer, other are purely informational.

  • Coin ETH (Can choose something else)
  • Miner Name livepeer
  • Installation URL
  • Hash Algorithm ----
  • Wallet and worker template %WAL%
  • Pool url null
  • Pass x
  • Extra config arguments: See at Configuration | Livepeer Docs

Example for standalone transcoder: -transcoder -orchAddr <IP_ORCHESTRATOR>:<PORT_ORCHESTRATOR> -orchSecret <SECRET_ORCHESTRATOR>

  • -orchAddr is used to specify the publicly accessible address that the orchestrator is receiving transcoder registration requests at
  • The value for -orchSecret should be the same as the value used for your orchestrator

Example for combined orchestrator/transcoder: -orchestrator -transcoder -network arbitrum-one-mainnet -ethUrl<PROJECT_ID> -pricePerUnit <PRICE_PER_UNIT> -serviceAddr <SERVICE_ADDR>

  • Use both the -orchestrator and -transcoder flags to configure the node to be an orchestrator and a transcoder; it will receive video from broadcasters, transcode the video itself, and return the transcoded results to the broadcasters
  • -pricePerUnit is used to specify the price (wei per pixel) for transcoding. The flag is required on startup, but the value can be changed later
  • -serviceAddr is used to specify the publicly accessible address that the orchestrator should receive requests at. Changing this requires a blockchain transaction, so it’s preferable to use a hostname for a domain you own, not an IP address that may change

Update miner

This miner automatically checks the new version and update at each restart.

The current version is saved on a file version. If you want to reinstall you can delete this file: rm /hive/miners/custom/livepeer/version


Version 1.1.0

  • Downloading and patching your driver before launching transcoding
  • Pool URL field can be use to set orchestrator URI
  • Password field can be use to set orchestrator secret
  • Default parameters (-transcoder and -nvidia all) if not set
  • Secret set into file to not getting print into logs
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