Pool Campaign: Video Miner

Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce the closed beta launch of Video Miner, a new transcoding pool founded by 8 members/orchestrators of the Livepeer community. Our goal is to address the challenges faced by transcoding pools, including reliability, scalability, and security.

We are continually improving go-livepeer’s source code and submitting pull requests for enhancements and bug fixes that have been thoroughly tested in the Video Miner pool production environment.

We would like to express our gratitude to @NicoV and @0xB79 for creating a foundational framework in the go-livepeer code base. Their efforts have allowed us to focus on feature enhancements, rather than starting from scratch.

At launch, Video Miner will offer the following features:

  • Modular pool software, designed to keep our core applications separate from Livepeer’s code.

  • Custom payout system that automatically pays transcoders when certain thresholds are met.

  • Authentication system for transcoders.

  • Performance-based transcoder selection: Our preliminary analytics engine monitors real-time transcoder performance and selects the most appropriate transcoder available.

  • Transcoder dashboard: Anyone can monitor the pool and stake to the node.

Please note that we will be limiting the number of active transcoders to 10 during the initial beta phase. While anyone is welcome to download the pool software, you will need an authentication key to connect to the pool. To obtain a key, simply visit Video Miner and sign up.

We’re looking forward to bringing on transcoders and receiving feedback from the community.

Thank you,
The Video Miner team.


Thanks to some testing from transcoders, we’ve pushed 2 quality of life fixes out for Video Miner.

1.1.2-beta sets the cliAddr port to something other than the default (7935), so transcoders can efficiently work in multiple pools without configuring flags themselves.

1.1.3-beta removes the startup bandwidth test. We’ve found the speedtest API to be quite unreliable and are now using our selection algorithm to decide which T gets jobs. We’ll be adding more performance metrics to our selection criteria as we continue develop it.

We appreciate transcoders helping us iron out the kinks in the software.

Sign up for the beta.


Check out our advanced metrics Grafana dashboard to view stats like individual transcoder performance and more.

We released an Orchestrator side upgrade today that enables us to capture performance metrics such as pixels encoded/decoded, segment duration, round trip time, and all profile data (i.e., bitrate, framerate, etc… for each output rendition). This is in preparation for our tier-based selection system currently in development.

Our goal is to ensure high-performing transcoders are rewarded with high-value streams, while not centralizing all pool traffic to 1 or 2 top transcoders.

We also began developing a test stream workflow to aid transcoder selection. More details on that as development continues. :saluting_face:

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We brought our Singapore node online today :electric_plug:

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A new version has been deployed!

1.2.1-beta brings with it an advanced transcoder selection algorithm, a ping-based connection method for transcoders, and more.

With the new version also comes our second beta wave! Check out our website to learn more.