Transcoder Campaign for f1l1b0x

EDIT: Mainnet Transcoder Campaign ended.

After 9 days of silence on the main net I decided to retire my transcoder.

The on-chain computation costs would not allow the current network to be price competitive with centralized offerings, and the small size of the network is making it not censorship resistant either. I might continue this campaign once our livepeerV2 design is in beta.

In the meantime enjoy my transcoder for free on the Rinkeby test network!!!

TranscoderID: 0x97bf5d1b06ebe4d97a6e53353973205c611b4677

Hi I am Philipp Angele and recently joined the livepeer team as director of product.

If you want to stake towards my transcoder:

Where do I come from?
I have been building cloud transcoding services for livestreams the last 10 years. I am very thankful for my time with camcast, camfoo and Wowza, but I am also really excited that I can finally work on a decentralized and censorship resistant alternative to the very monopolistic video industry.

What do I want to with it?
I will use this transcoder(pool) as a case study to understand the requirements of both infrastructure providers as well as developers trying to add live-streaming capabilities.
My goals are to offer a cost efficient alternative to AWS and others transcoding services by merging the crypto currency mining industry with the media processing market,
and to create a more reliable streaming experience by creating a competitive open marketplace for transcoders in which a transcoders performance is a unit of measurement.

What am I using for it?
I will grow the resources I need based on the overall network requirement.
To start streams are encoded on a hexagon i7 capable of running 4 x 1080 ABR
The Network capacities will start with 50 mbit down and 30 mbit up. There is a second connection to minimize the risk of downtimes.
The rack for it is self hosted at my home to keep operation costs to a minimum.

fotos soon…

What is in for you?
Delegators: I will automatically call for LPT to be released every day at 00:00UTC so you will never have to worry to lose your stake. I also do not ask for a reward cut other than the default
Broadcasters: I will try to gain a 99,999 uptime and will react quickly on your requests. I will be near free (only a few cents per day 100 wai per segment)

disclaimer: I might change the campaign details over time.
TOS? soon! for now use at your own risk!

PS I run a second transcoder with the same setup on Rinkeby for developers

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Photos soon? Or photos now :wink:

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