How to track bonding-rewards using

I would like to know if it is possible to track LPT rewards for bonding using The “Staking” Stats in my account (using browser + MetaMask) are nice - but not really detailed. I would like to analyse how much initally was deposit and which rewards came f.e. in which round or which time-span for my investment.

This is currently not shown on the page*****************************************/delegating page showing Stake, Fees and Unclaimed Earnings only.

Any suggestions? I already tried to figure out what I can reach using the smart-contract-addresses from my account webpage. But did’n figure out yet how to filter out my rewards only.

Thanks in advice for any help.

Hi revguru,

I can suggest you visit the site It ensures visibility for token holders across transcoders they bond with, thus promoting smarter decisions.
Recently, the delivered new features and improvements introduced add new benefits for LPT token holders and Delegates alike, enabling greater visibility and control over staking.

This link has a description of the benefits: Version 2.0

Here a quick screenshot as reference:


Thanks great tool! Was right what I needed. :+1:

Indeed (as I’m also a developer) I would also be interested in how to fetch these informations from etherscan or ether-blockchain at all? I also noticed the contract info-box on livepeer, but didn’t understand how to fetch informations for my investment from the whole informations at all. I would be glad if anyone could give me a hint on that :slight_smile:

Hi again,
Well, the repositories of are public. You can check them here.

Basically, to extract the information we use the Livepeer SDK and the Livepeer subgrah. You should follow up these repos.

Sounds great! Thank you. I’ll have a look at it :smiley: