How To Withdraw JobsManager ETH Using MyCrypto

How To Withdraw JobsManager ETH Using MyCrypto

Below is some information describing the workflow for withdrawing ETH that was deposited in the now deprecated JobsManager on mainnet and Rinkeby.

The following steps only apply to users that deposited ETH via the now deprecated JobsManager:

The following steps use a Refunder contract:

First, you should check if an account that you own is eligible to withdraw a refund.

  1. git clone
  2. cd jobsmanager-deposits
  3. npm install
  4. node index.js <NETWORK_NAME> > output.txt
    1. On mainnet, run node index.js mainnet > output.txt
    2. On Rinkeby, run node index.js rinkeby > output.txt
  5. output.txt will contain a list of addresses that have outstanding deposits and thus are eligible for a refund. You can search this list of the address of an account that you own

Let DEPOSITOR_ADDRESS be the address that was originally used to deposit ETH in the JobsManager. Note: You can submit a withdrawal transaction for DEPOSITOR_ADDRESS with a separate account.

  1. Visit
    1. IMPORTANT: Make sure that this is the correct site for MyCrypto and beware of fake sites!
  2. Make sure that you are connected to the right ETH network (mainnet or Rinkeby)
  3. Click the “Contracts” tab
  4. In the “Contract Address” box, enter <REFUNDER_ADDRESS>
    1. On mainnet, enter 0x780c98cbb0cc21d6617c05332bd5cf6f847c71c2
    2. On Rinnkeby, enter 0xD98a4e722274936B2D0Ceee71CB4eD30A67Ae48C
  5. In the “ABI / JSON Interface” box enter the ABI from the “Contract ABI” box found at
    1. The ABI allows MyCrypto to display named functions that are invokable for the provided contract address
  6. Click “Access”
  7. In the “Read / Write Contract” dropdown, select the function name “withdraw”
  8. In the _addr box, enter DEPOSITOR_ADDRESS
  9. MyCrypto will ask you the method with which you would like to access your wallet. Select your preferred method

Your screen should look something like this:

  1. Follow the prompts from MyCrypto to sign your transaction using your device and then submit the transaction
    a. Make sure you are connected to the right Ethereum network (Rinkeby) using the dropdown in the top right hand corner
    b. Make sure to double check that the gas limit and gas price ( for the transaction are reasonable
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Thanks for these thorough instructions. Since these are comprehensive and cover some developer oriented steps for checking eligibility and generating a list of accounts, I thought I’d share a very simple high level summary for those who know the address from which they’ve deposited and just want to quickly withdraw:

  • Call the withdraw() function with the address you used to deposit initially as the input argument on the mainnet Refunder contract using MyCrypto.

The instructions above walk you through how, but it’s really as simple as this one step :slight_smile: