Livepeer Cloud SPE - Phase 1 Completion

The Livepeer Cloud Special Purpose Entity (SPE) has completed Phase 1. Below are the details of our achievements and upcoming plans.

To recap, the milestones for this SPE were:

  1. Funding and provisioning of the Livepeer Cloud Gateway (formerly known as go-livepeer Broadcaster).
  2. Core development of an integration of Owncast with the Livepeer Cloud Gateway.
  3. Simplified Documentation to setup and integrate with the Livepeer Cloud Gateway.
  4. A web-based site producing metrics from the Livepeer Cloud Gateway hosted by this SPE

Roadmap Deliverables

#1: Documentation

Our first milestone focused on providing clear and accessible documentation.

  • Published a text guide that explains how to install and configure a Livepeer Gateway
  • Hosted a live “Office Hours” event in the Livepeer Discord walking users through the documentation setup. We recorded this for playback here.
  • Contributed a Pull Request integrating this guide into the official site.

#2: Deployment of Livepeer.Cloud

Launched the Livepeer Cloud website and deployed three Livepeer Gateways strategically located across US West, US East, and EU.

#3 Owncast & Livepeer Integration:

Developed the integration between Livepeer Gateway & Owncast in a way that supports Livepeer.Cloud and a self-hosted approach. Also, we are actively working with Owncast repository owners to include this integration in the main branch. We created both text and video walkthrough guides to facilitate the installation and configuration of Owncast powered by Livepeer.
We deployed an Owncast instance as an example of Owncast powered by Livepeer. Xode Live


Deployed a Grafana Dashboard to report key Livepeer Gateway metrics.
Our financial report can be found here.

What’s Next for Livepeer.Cloud SPE?

Looking ahead, we plan to continue operating the Livepeer Cloud Gateway, as we hope to increase transcoding and AI demand and actively participate in the AI subnet as Livepeer Gateway We plan to continue building and supporting the greater Livepeer Network with a focus on the current Alpha AI subnet.

We appreciate the community’s support and engagement as we continue to build on these foundations.