LPT seems to have disappeared on failed tx speedup?

At one point I delegated 14 LPT to a transcoder out of a total balance of 24.??

After having received around 0.09 LPT in rewards and claiming them from delegator I attempted to withdraw the profit. After waiting > 24 hours I attempted to speedup the tx via metamask. The tx ultimately failed and now I’m showing a total balance of 0.28 LPT of the 24 or so I should have.

Any help for this newbie to the LPT space would be much appreciated.

*Edit, ok, it appears as though I had a successful 24 LPT bonding to transcoder at address 0xd18a02647d99dc9f79afbe0f58f8353178e6141f

just nothing showing up under [Staking] tab atm :-/