Orchestrator can not be inactive


I am new to Livepeer! When i follow the guide to build the enviroment for livepeer, i meet a problem as follow:

I start orchestrator like this:
’ livepeer -network rinkeby -ethUrl https://rinkeby.infura.io/v3/b629f724e6134a31baf2e3356fd638eb -orchestrator -transcoder -pricePerUnit 1 --serviceAddr’

the ouput log is:
I0326 14:15:25.774205 55063 livepeer.go:238] Livepeer is running on the rinkeby network: 0xA268AEa9D048F8d3A592dD7f1821297972D4C8Ea
I0326 14:15:27.029981 55063 accountmanager.go:70] Using Ethereum account: 0x81aA0B0Bc8655016800Eb683b946E88B1eFF6BC8
I0326 14:15:28.119345 55063 accountmanager.go:93] Please enter the passphrase to unlock Ethereum account 0x81aA0B0Bc8655016800Eb683b946E88B1eFF6BC8
I0326 14:15:33.180491 55063 accountmanager.go:104] Unlocked ETH account: 0x81aA0B0Bc8655016800Eb683b946E88B1eFF6BC8
I0326 14:15:35.292469 55063 livepeer.go:527] Price: 1 wei for 1 pixels

I0326 14:15:36.427553 55063 livepeer.go:1100] Orchestrator 0x81aA0B0Bc8655016800Eb683b946E88B1eFF6BC8 is inactive
I0326 14:15:38.034327 55063 block_watcher.go:339] Backfilling block events (this can take a while)…
I0326 14:15:38.034355 55063 block_watcher.go:340] Start block: 8300280 End block: 8300394 Blocks elapsed: 114
I0326 14:15:38.046473 55063 block_watcher.go:558] fetching block logs from=8300280 to=8300339
I0326 14:15:38.046475 55063 block_watcher.go:558] fetching block logs from=8300340 to=8300394
I0326 14:15:38.592440 55063 block_watcher.go:396] Done backfilling block events
I0326 14:15:38.592565 55063 livepeer.go:967] Livepeer Running in Orchestrator Mode
I0326 14:15:38.593178 55063 webserver.go:72] CLI server listening on
I0326 14:15:38.606297 55063 cert.go:83] Private key and cert not found. Generating
I0326 14:15:38.606616 55063 cert.go:22] Generating cert for
I0326 14:15:38.606999 55063 rpc.go:167] Listening for RPC on :8935
I0326 14:15:40.636041 55063 rpc.go:207] Received Ping request

then i run livepeer_cli, and “Invoke multi-step “become an orchestrator” “:
it report error just like this : **

ERROR: logging before flag.Parse: E0326 14:16:21.587235 55252 wizard_stats.go:226] Error getting delegator info: unexpected end of JSON input

at the same time, the orchestrator report error:

E0326 14:16:21.587015 55063 client.go:521] Error getting pending stake: execution reverted
E0326 14:16:21.587054 55063 webserver.go:726] execution reverted

I do not know how to correct these problems, so need your help!

                                            Thanks a lot

Hi @malongfei - thanks for reporting this. Did you manage to get any help from the community to try to resolve this? I know others in the Telegram group were having similar experiences. Discord is the best place to get fast answers on tech setup stuff…

In this case, are you running against a local RPC endpoint, or a hosted one like Infura?