Pre-proposal - Building Tensions Show (livestream building publicly)

Building Tensions - Season 1 - Alien Conspiracies

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Hi Livepeer community,

Quick introduction. My name is Allen Chan aka StoneCrypto. I’ve been working with the Livepeer team for 5+ years now and in livestreaming and content for 7+ years. Since the early days of Livepeer, been working with Eric at DLive to help improve the Livepeer service as a means to save cost for DLive. We eventually exited DLive due to extremely high infrastructure costs before any integration but we gained many learnings on both sides. I then moved over to Tencent and launch their overseas livestreaming platform, Trovo. Eric/Livepeer and I have continued our relationship there and it’s been a few years already in the making. Can’t really discuss more on that but we’ve been cooking! Also, recently launched a bi-weekly podcast with Eric to draw more awareness to the livestreaming community. This podcast is meant to shed light on all the successes and failures streaming platforms and other businesses in the space have been encountering so we don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Hopefully we can help educate the space on the podcasts so the industry can become sustainable. Can listen to one of the past episodes by visiting my twitter or Eric’s (can’t link them). Stay tuned on the podcast as we’re moving onto episode 6 in 2 weeks with the CEO of Dexerto!

Back to business

The SPE’s Mission:

Our mission is to launch a one-of-a-kind, live reality TV show, empowering and educating our audience through an immersive exploration of conspiracy theories. With a specific focus on alien classification, ancient artifacts, spirituality and hidden secrets, we aim to captivate viewers and stimulate curiosity.

In addition, we are committed to introducing a new Web 3 NFT collectible set based on our research and findings on alien classifications and ancient artifacts. Leveraging emerging technology such as Livepeer Studio to build out our own streaming platform for this show, we seek to enhance the viewer experience and provide added value to our audience while contributing to the advancement of digital engagement and exploration via streaming platform feature gamification.

The SPE’s approach and strategy:

Dual Projects: We’re combining the building of our own livestream platform via Livepeer Studio with the launch of an Alien conspiracy NFT project.

  • Engagement Plan: Utilizing our connections in the content creator industry, we’re teaming up with popular YouTubers and using our marketing magic to hype up the project through live streams, podcasts, and more.

  • Community Growth: Expect organic growth through the buzz of alien conspiracies continuing to increase, special in product referral programs incentivizing users to pull their friends to increase interactivity, and a hands-on team effort to bring in subscribers.

  • Expertise: Made up of community members who have a long history in building live streaming communities, user acquisition, and platforms

  • April: Kicking off with promotions and planning.

  • May: Finalizing our streaming platform and ramping up the hype.

  • June: Our reality TV show goes live in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, showcasing our journey of creating an NFT project from scratch.

  • July: Wrapping up the live show, continuing NFT minting, and exploring next season’s possibilities.

The SPE’s expected impact:

Building Tensions Season 1 is an in-house project. If successful, we plan to utilize Building Tensions to help others incubate their projects via live streaming and utilizing Livepeer Studio to bring more awareness to Livepeer, conspiracies, and building in web3.

We aim to bring alien conspiracies into the limelight, exploring the implications for humanity while firstly engaging users with alien NFTs to establish a foundation. Our social media and subscriber growth targets are realistic, aiming for increases across Discord, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and our streaming platform. LPT network impact is planned via the below.

  • 25% of profits will be locked up and utilized to set up our Building Tensions LPT Orchestrator.
  • All future projects incubated under Building Tensions will also have 25% of their profits locked up and delegated to the Building Tensions LPT Orchestrator.
  • Building Tensions will indefinitely utilize Livepeer Studio infrastructure to build out future reality shows focused on conspiracy theories
  • Building Tension LPT Orchestrator rewards will be reinvested into a pool for participants in Building Tensions to win and to incentivize participation and utilization of the Livepeer and Building Tensions platform/infrastructure

Upcoming milestones:


75 discord members - April 30th

150 discord members - May 15th

300 discord members - May 31st

600 discord members - June 15th

1,500 discord members - June 30th


75 Twitter followers - April 30th

150 Twitter followers - May 15th

300 Twitter followers - May 31st

600 Twitter followers - June 15th

1,500 Twitter followers - June 30th


75 subscribers - April 30th

150 subscribers - May 15th

200 subscribers - May 31st

500 subscribers - June 15th

1,000 subscribers - June 30th


75 subscribers - April 30th

150 subscribers - May 15th

500 subscribers - May 31st

1,000 subscribers - June 15th

2,000 subscribers - June 30th

Building Tensions Streaming Platform (built using Livepeer Studio)

20 - Paid Platform Subscribers - May 15th

100 - Paid Platform Subscribers - May 31st

500 - Paid Platform Subscribers - June 15th

2,000 - Paid Platform Subscribers - June 30th

Team member or individual backgrounds:

StoneCrypto (Project lead) - Head of NA/EU operations at Tencent overseas livestreaming, previously DLive (acquired by BitTorrent/Tron)

EnicLoom (Tech lead) - Senior Software Infrastructure Engineer at Netflix. Previously at Twitch/DLive

MagicMaggie (Product lead) - Senior Product Manager at Tencent overseas livestreaming

Alisher Kabuldinov (Product/Marketing Manager) - Operations Lead at DiDi Russia/Kazakhstan

Primroze (Marketing manager) - Twitch streamer with 66k followers twitch @primroze

Dika (Production/Content lead) - Head of channel content production for 1.1m Youtube channel @BIGSNAKEBALL

Weiwen (Project/Operations Manager) - Masters in Communication Management at University of Southern California

Funding ask:

We’re asking for 2,000 LPT to kick things off, covering initial costs ourselves, including food/housing accommodation, transportation, and video streaming equipment. Governance and future funding plans are still under discussion.

Transparency commitments (or non-commitments): Currently, team is working on Building Tensions as a separate project from their full-time positions. Some of the team members will be taking off their jobs during the live production reality show time frame to take part in the show. If Season 1 performs well, we will establish an entity in Taiwan (entity is already established in Texas) and help incubate more external projects utilizing Building Tensions as a launch pad to have more interesting shows streamed utilizing Livepeer Studio.

SPE governance (or non-governance): to be determined

Future funding needs when the SPE may return to apply for further funding from the treasury: none


open to any comments and feedback!

Hey stone,

My initial reaction to this is, wow, some heavy hitters on the team, however, the NFT scene is incredibly niche and the market for NFTs simply isn’t there right now on 99% of EVMs, and even SOL. Combining NFTs with a Live-streaming platform is even more niche, so the potential for driving more demand to the network through something like this appears low, to me at least.

What chain would you be launching your NFTs on?

Thanks for kicking off the discussion here with a pre-proposal. I bumped up your trust level which should now allow you to share links if helpful.

Can you share a little bit more about the live format of the show? Is this a few, fixed length, live episodes? Or more of a 24/7-ish experience that runs for a number of weeks?

Will provide answers shortly to both your questions @dob @Authority_Null .

Our community socials/discord will be here (haven’t launched yet so it’s mostly friends) - Building Tensions - Aliens

Link to one of the previous episodes of the podcast Eric and I run. Evermore important to get awareness about this topic now as another streaming platform just shut down this week.

The platforms I specifically helped launch are below.


Appreciate the feedback. I broke down the question into several segments as it was a bit complex and provided responses below.

Question: Hey stone,
My initial reaction to this is, wow, some heavy hitters on the team, however, the NFT scene is incredibly niche and the market for NFTs simply isn’t there right now on 99% of EVMs, and even SOL. Combining NFTs with a Live-streaming platform is even more niche, so the potential for driving more demand to the network through something like this appears low, to me at least.


  1. Clarification on Blockchain Choice:

Answer: NFT’s will be launched on ETH chain. We want to ensure that the longevity and utility of the NFT will not be a concern with different changing flavors of the week chain usage.

  1. Specific Details or Strategy:

Answer: Although fees are high, the concern of chain usage if the chain isn’t popular is the main reason for sticking with ETH. We know it’s not going away, it works although sometimes expensive, audience is always there, and we can be flexible on implementation of utility.

  1. Assessment of Market Conditions:

Answer: The NFT’s themselves are meant to be a token that reserves the right for the owner to claim future utility from as well as being a unique collectible. We are not targeting the traditional NFT market as the core target audience but creating demand for a new product and community specifically for Building Tensions around the growing trend in discussion, sightings, exposure and exploration in conspiracies and aliens.

Tucker Carlson on the latest Joe Rogan podcast spent the first 30 minutes talking entirely about aliens and spirituality. Link here -

We had the Miami mall alien incident earlier this year. Link here - Rumors Of 10-Foot Alien At Miami Mall Circulate Online—Here’s What Actually Happened

News about rare “disorder” that may cause you to see demons/aliens. Link here - Rare disorder causes man to see people's faces as 'demonic'

Tiffany Gomas sees alien on plane and causes panic end of last year - Link here ‘Crazy Plane Lady’ Tiffany Gomas Tells Inside Edition About Flight Meltdown

  1. Potential Solutions or Innovations:

Answer: The livestreaming itself is meant as a way for people interested in learning about these conspiracies an interactive and live format to engage with the team to learn as well as those specifically in web3 or interested in building in web3 see what the building process is like for launching an NFT. We will be incorporating some interesting content angles such as daily live tarot card readings on aliens, the crypto market, and our own personal lives. Also, daily guided meditation sessions with the sole focus of having out of body experiences, meeting non organic life forms, and improving our understanding of spirituality.

  1. Engagement with Concerns:

Answer: The core audience we are targeting are those interested in the growing trend of conspiracies and aliens. Although niche, we believe it is growing very rapidly based on all the mainstream and celebrity coverage over the last couple of years alone. We aim to capitalize on this growing trend and interest by providing unique and fun ways for those to learn via engaging content such as live sessions focused on meeting aliens or extracting information about aliens. We plan to have live podcast and interviews with not only crypto influencers, and UFO enthusiasts about this topic, but also biblical and anthropologic university scholars.

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Thank you for that trust level bump!

Please see below for format, schedule, and theme! Feel free to let me know if you have other questions!

Full transparency, the schedule is very fluid. We may have unexpected interviews, guests, scheduling conflicts that may arise.

Question 2:

Can you share a little bit more about the live format of the show? Is this a few, fixed length, live episodes? Or more of a 24/7-ish experience that runs for a number of weeks?


Concept and Theme Development

Strap yourselves in as we’re in for a crazy conspiracy WOO WOO ride!

Even now as we speak, civil unrest is growing, people are struggling to make ends meet, safety is a major concern, war is looming around every corner, and the future is ever so uncertain. We see a certain unique trend that is being repeated worldwide as tensions continue to grow and we are positioning ourselves to ride this wave for the greater good.

The Rabbit Hole

0 - Down we go!
1 - System is broken
2 - Money is manipulated and weaponized
3 - Government/corporation manipulation
4 - Individuals known as the political elite pull the strings of governments and corporations behind the scenes
5 - Satanic trafficking cults?!
6 - Aliens

The top of the funnel is so large, it’s now driving so many conspiracy theorists down this rabbit hole which seem to end up at aliens……Tensions are building. We’re focused on drawing awareness and seeking out the truth and answers all while providing some one of a kind fun and engaging content.

We weren’t always united but many people are now starting to come to the same conclusions are we’re now starting to come together. We’re here to join and aid in the movement and hope you will join us on it as well!

Structure and Schedule

Duration: 24/7 livestream from June 9 to July 8 (Season 1 is 1 month long).

Weekday Themes: Dedicated to aliens, spirituality, and conspiracies.

Weekend Focus: Lifestyle and sightseeing content, lighter weekend schedule to allow crew rest.

Weekly Content Schedule (Monday to Friday local time)

8:00 AM: Team breakfast

8:30 AM: Tarot card reading with DarthNemesis

10:00 AM: Review and discussion of previous meditation sessions

10:20 AM: Group meditation session

11:20 AM: Documentation of meditation experiences

12:00 PM: Lunch break

12:00 PM - 4:00 PM: NFT development session

5:00 PM: Intimate weekly summary and planning session w/ a team member

6:00 PM: Dinner

7:30 PM: Discussion on conspiracy theories and learnings

8:30 PM onwards: Relaxation and free time

Activities and Events:
Interviews with UFO Youtubers and biblical, religious, philosophical, anthropologic, and archaeological scholars.
Team building events such as Taiwanese night markets, foot & body massages, shopping malls, and sight seeing.
Who wants to be a millionaire type of game show? Choose the most engaged people from chat and quiz them on questions to win some type of monetary reward?


Hi, and thanks for the detailed responses. It’s clear that the team has significant experience in this space to be very credible, and you have a concept you’re running with. Here’s a couple inputs on Livepeer ecosystem frameworks and process that may be helpful to inform the next steps…

  1. The early conventions of the treasury is that SPE’s that are mission oriented around building public goods for the Livepeer ecosystem can apply for funding, and then run programs in which they distribute out the funds for that purpose.

While you’ve communicated the mission of your show, it hasn’t yet been shared how this contributes to the Livepeer ecosystem as a public good. The treasury hasn’t yet funded an individual app.

  1. This is ok, as it might fit better into the Video Disruptor grant program, which does exist exactly for this purpose. It doesn’t give grants just to enable Livepeer integrations, but it does give grants to apps that are innovating in new areas of media…especially onchain media…such that the results can be co-marketed and inspire others as to what to build on Livepeer.

It’s ultimately up to the community whether or not to fund things through the treasury, so I don’t want to discourage that path, but I would definitely recommend a call with the grants team to learn more about shaping a proposal through the Video Innovators category, as a way to potentially speed things up.

What do you think?