Q4 Quarterly Transcoder Call Recap

On December 12 Livepeer held its Quarterly Transcoder Community Call. Here is the video of the call.

It had over 30 participants at one point interested in running infrastructure on Livepeer in a post-Streamflow world, and the call covered the following topics:

  • What’s required to upgrade your nodes and infrastructure from current Livepeer to Streamflow (mainnet in early January)

    • At minimum, a software upgrade to the new release on your existing node and an on chain transaction. To be competitive and win work however you’ll likely want to back your node with GPU transcoders.
    • We walked through a demo of the minimum viable commands to run to be up and running.
  • Early GPU testing - template for setting up your mining rigs to also transcode on Livepeer.

    • Showed a demo of dual mining and transcoding in action, along with Grafana dashboards that you can use to monitor your setup’s performance.
  • What are the bandwidth requirements to succeed on Livepeer?

    • 10mbit/stream so you need 10mbit * # of streams you want to be open for business for.
    • Will this be accessible to everyone to be cost competitive? Those with affordable access to bandwidth will have an advantage.
  • Transcoder Q&A - what else do you want to know?

  • What’s the realistic path to getting started as a GPU miner/transcoder? What sort of investment is required here?

    • Set up single mining rig backing a single orchestrator as a starting point. Provision it with enough bandwidth to saturate the rig at near max transcoding capacity. It will be an up front investment if you aren’t already mining, but since you can dual mine you will earn additional income while also preparing to compete effectively on Livepeer.

I recommend the video, and as always, the team is active in the Discord Chat if people have questions or want a walk through of a transcoding setup on the Streamflow testnet.

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