Streamflow Testnet Is Live

Hey everyone. I hope you saw the news that the Streamflow protocol update is now live on a public testnet.

While anyone can participate in this testnet from a protocol perspective, most of the documentation, tools, and UX is tailored towards those who want to run nodes on the network - to play the role of orchestrator/transcoder. In addition, we would like users to begin testing transcoding with GPU’s, potentially while they concurrently mine cryptocurrency. (Note: You can mine mainnet cryptocurrency such as Ethereum while running GPU’s on the LP Testnet.)

Over time we will release more UX focused tools for token holders such as the updated explorer and more token holder friendly documentation.

For now, check out the Streamflow testnet documentation and leave questions/comments/feedback here or in the discord to help get this update live on mainnet.


Use this link to go directly to the #streamflow-testnet channel on Livepeer’s Discord.