Telegram Bot: Orchestrator Watcher

My telegram bot is back! (original bot & thread: Transcoder Watcher)!

It took a while, but I finally found the time to updated the scripts and get the bot running again.

Also: If you want to support me, feel free to bond to my orchestrator/transcoder: 0x525 Orchestrator/Transcoder :slight_smile:

Click here for the Orchestrator-Watcher bot or look for it in Telegram: @OrchestratorWatcherBot

How does it work?
By writing “/start”, the bot will give you an introduction and informs about the available commands:

  • subscribe -orchestrator address-
  • remove -orchestrator address-
  • subscriptions

If you subscribe to an orchestrator (or multiple, there is no limit), you will get notified about the following events:

  • reward calls
  • missing reward calls
  • reward/fee cut changes
  • orchestrator becomes active/inactive

Whenever possible, the transaction link is included so that you can be sure that no incorrect information is sent. Please note that it’s always possible that there is an error in the script.

To use the bot in a telegram group:

  1. Add the bot the the group (do not promote to admin!)
  2. Access the commands with “/” - e.g. “/subscribe 0xabc”

Some screenshots:



Reward Calls:

Reward/Fee Cut changes:

If you find any bugs/errors or have a feature request, please reach out to me on Discord @vires-in-numeris, reply here or open an issue on github.

Also, the scripts for the bot are now open source:


Excellent job, @vires-in-numeris!

Glad to see it back up and running!

For any issues, should we raise them here ?

Thank you!

Yes, github would be ideal for issues/feature requests!

Alright! Thanks for this :pray: :clap:

Seem the bot not working now?

Thanks for notifying me - the subscription part of the bot crashed while the notifications were still working. It’s up again!

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I’ve updated the Orchestrator Watcher bot to work on Arbitrum!

Claiming the daily reward now only costs ~$2 in tx fees, so there’s no longer an excuse to not do that. And switching Orchestrators will also cost only a few dollars. This bot hopefully helps to expose unreasonable reward/fee cuts or stealthy changes of them.

It also helps Orchestrator operators to identify issues by notifying them that the reward has not been claimed yet:

And as a new feature, I’ve add a ticket redemption notification :tickets::


Keep in mind, that the bot only processes new events every ~2h (every 500 mainnet blocks). And I’m basically testing in prod - I already apologize for any bugs you might encounter :slight_smile:


Just FYI: About 10 days ago I set up a systemd for the bot (so that I don’t have to manually restart the script in case it crashes). But there was a small bug so the bot didn’t save/report any changes in the subscriptions during those past 10 days.
So if you did any changes, please do them again. Sorry for the inconvenience :slight_smile:


Due to the low gas prices on Arbitrum Nitro and therefore low ticket values (~$20), the bot got quite spammy on the ticket redemption notifications. I feel like the main functionality of the bot should be the warnings on missing reward claims and fee/reward cut changes. And due to the many ticket redemption notifications, one might easily miss those.

That’s why I’ve updated the bot to aggregate winning tickets and send one notification once the total value is greater than 0.1 ETH

By doing that you still get an idea on how much an Orchestrator is earning without potentially missing more important notifications. This is how it looks like:

After community feedback, I’ve adjusted the ticket notification limit to be stake-based instead of a fixed number.

The bot now adjusts the limit by dividing the Orchestrator’s total stake (rounded to the nearest 100k) by 1e+7 - with a min limit of 0.01 ETH (so basically every ticket) and a max of 0.1 ETH.

Some examples:

  • Orchs with < 150k stake have a 0.01 ETH notification limit
  • An Orch with 340k stake has a 0.03 ETH notification limit
  • An Orch with 2.1M stake has a 0.1 ETH notification limit
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