Transcoder Campaign: Fluf's (noworries)

Hello Livepeer comunity!

Fluf, here to announce my orchestrator campaign. I initialized the Orchestrator in April 2020 and have been testing it on and off for the past year. I feel like now is the perfect time to commit and run the transcoder full time. I’ll be starting with only one location in Las Vegas, but I plan to colocate two machines in Europe and New York.

To start, I’ll be CPU transcoding as it’s what I have laying around.

Machine 001:

CPU: 1x Epyc 7742 64 core


GPU: 1x GTX 970 (Maybe Tesla p4 soon!)


Machine 002:

CPU: 1x Epyc 7742 64 core


GPU: 3x Tesla K40M (Maybe Tesla p4 soon!)

Machine 003:

CPU: R9 3900x

RAM: 128GB DDR4 3600mhz

GPU: GTX 680

)(I know Keplar isn’t supported anymore)

The current Internet situation isn’t ideal for high session counts,

  • 3x Cable lines 960 Down - 35 UP
  • 1x LTE backup line

But I’m in the early stages of starting a WISP in my area, and we are on our way to deploying our first sectors in the coming months.

As for reward calling, I plan to do it once a week or until we have enough Delegators to make it sustainable to call daily.

Fees are a bit high now, but I will drop them as jobs and LPT start coming in.

  • Reward Cut: 10%
  • Fee Cut: 95%

Delegate to:

Website coming soon with in-depth stats. Stay tuned!

For inquiries, email:

Any feedback is appreciated!

Welcome to the network!

Welcome! :slight_smile:
Great to have you onboard