Transcoder Campaign: Open Orchestrator

Hey all,

This is open-orchestrator.eth - we’ve just launched our official campaign! Excited to officially join the community.

We run a globally distributed orchestrator which is completely open source - we built our stack on Kubernetes (a popular solution for managing complex software architectures) and open sourced the entire codebase for the community.

Our orchestrator will be managed using “OIPs” - whenever a protocol-level change is being considered (e.g. reward/fee cuts), or significant change to the off-chain orchestrator parameters (e.g. price per pixel, max face value for tickets, etc), an Orchestrator Improvement Proposal (OIP) must be submitted by the maintainer(s) or by a delegator. This will consist of a PR similar to OIP-1 which outlines the proposed changes and the reasoning for the change. The community will be given seven (7) days to leave comments on the PR before it is merged and executed. If you are a delegator, please turn notifications on for PRs, so you can participate in these discussions. We want complete transparency with our delegators to make sure we maintain the ideals of this great ecosystem.

I also work at Livepeer on the protocol design and web3 initiatives in the company. This is a personal project (not sponsored by Livepeer) built so that it can give back to the community by giving an open source example of one way a globally performant orchestrator can be set up. You’ll see me in the Discord channels as 0xcadams.

Feel free to reach out to me on Discord, I’m always available to help set up new orchestrators, especially using Helm/Kubernetes!



Welcome to the Public Network, Chase!

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