Transcoder Campaign: SOLAR FARM

Welcome to SOLAR FARM-

I’m announcing the official launch of SOLAR FARM, a Livepeer Orchestrator powered entirely with green power. While this is the official launch, SOLAR FARM has been up and running for just under 2 months (July 16, 2021) to confirm reliability and optimize for the best performance.

SOLAR FARM is located in Los Angeles on a fiber gigabit Internet connection near the Livepeer ingest server and is currently the top performer in Los Angeles. A back up server is on site and can be online in minutes. SOLAR FARM is not reliant on grid power and has both a battery backup that can run the server for days and under extreme conditions can be powered by our natural gas generator.
Current hardware and bandwidth can support over 100 concurrent streams and will be expanded as demand grows.

In addition to starting SOLAR FARM in July 2021, I have participated in Livepool for several months and am the #1 earner in the US. I have been involved in the live video streaming and transcoding/encoding space since the begining of Internet video. Yes I’m old enough to have streamed 160 x 120 video to 28.8 and 56k modem users :wink: I’ve worked with companies ranging from large entertaiment studios ABC and SONY PICTURES to tech corporations including MICROSOFT, AOL, Yahoo! and many smaller startups.

I began calling rewards in round 2292 and will continue daily calls to show my commitment to this project and reward early supporters of SOLAR FARM 100% of Rewards will be paid out to my delegators.

To stake with SOLAR FARM and receive the highest rewards on Livepeer while supporting renewable crypto click the link below.

Feel free to contact me with any questions here, in the Livepeer Discord user Papa_Bear, or email


This is a really nice looking operation you’ve got going on!

Do you have photographs / videos of the solar farm?

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Thanks @chrishobcroft. That’s on my to do list. I should have something up in the next few day.

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Wow what a week it’s been so far!

First I was chosen by Titan Node to be the first recipient of Titan Node - Start Up Grant to bring awareness to SOLAR FARM and through a very generous stake help bring in more transcoding work.

Then as a complete surprise 0x525 | vires in numeris offered (and has already staked) an additional 5k LPT toward SOLAR FARM!

I’m feeling very grateful today and can’t thank them enough for having confidence in me to be a valuable member of the Livepeer community. From the bottom of my heart thank you both :heart:

A quick update on other Farm news, I made my 7th consecutive Reward call today and will continue with my pledge to call daily rewards.

Minutes of video transcoded the second week of September have exploded and I expect the trend will be even more dramatic next week with the increased stake.

And finally SOLAR FARM continues to hold the #1 spot on the performance board for the Los Angeles region.

Thanks for stopping by, more updates coming soon.

One of the things that seems to always surprise people about Livepeer is how little energy is required to run an Orchestrator. I think they hear the term video mining and equate it with POW mining picturing rows of GPUs running full bore 24/7. The reality though is that the decoding and encoding chips used to transcode video are extremely efficient and only use a fraction of a GPU’s total compute power. It’s not uncommon for an Orchestrator to only use slightly over 100 watts during light loads and not a much more during medium to heavy loads.

Because of these efficiencies I am able to power my Orchestrator with a relatively small solar array. I installed the below pictured panels so that we could have backup power after a fire burned through large portion of our community a few years ago leaving us without power for several weeks.

The panels feed a cluster of LiFePO4 batteries storing the excess energy generated during the day to keep the server running 24/7. …And because the GPUs use such a small amount of power compared to POW mining they don’t require additional cooling adding to an already efficient system. Take that Elon :stuck_out_tongue:

So that’s the story of how SOLAR FARM came to be. :slight_smile:

Work has continued to increase with approximately 10% more minutes of video transcoded per day compared to last week and we have made the last 16/16 Reward Calls with the reward cut still at 0%.

If you’d like to support a new and reliable Orchestrator with the best rewards on Livepeer head over to the SOLAR FARM profile on the Explorer and consider staking with us.

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