Transcoder Campaign: the-rug-pull.eth

Hello Livepeerians, I’m excited to be a part of Livepeer ecosystem. I have recently become an Orchestrator on the Livepeer network for about a few months and it has been a really positive experience overall. I want to give a bit detail about the node name, this implies that we want to rug-pull centralized transcoding service providers.
The project and the community is really strong with this one. It’s not common to find a real world blockchain project that actually is doing work in the real world. Reason I joined is to look back and see how I was a part of such a wonderful project. My goal is to provide a high-quality transcoding with fast internet and good GPUs. I am very excited for the future of Livepeer, as the demand increases I would like to request you to stake to the-rug-pull so that can meet the growing demand on the network. Feel free to reach out to my discord @ the_rug_pull. Lets give power back to individuals who make things happen.


Welcome to the community, @the-rug-pull! It’s fantastic to have you with us :rocket:!

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Welcome aboard! Great to have you here and we appreciate the kind words about the community!

This is a little bit tounge-in-cheek, but…should token holders trust their delegation to a node who brands themselves as an upcomign Rug Pull?

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I hear ya, what I have detailed on my website, which will be going live soon, is that our vision is to rug-pull the centralized transcoding service providers who have not treated new and small scale video developers well thus leaving their ideas in the brain attic. I am open to changing the name if its too off putting.