Get a FREE grant for building on Livepeer!

LPT Grants

Link to retroactive grant funding application β€”>
Link to video β€”> Tape

Drop comments if you have questions :point_down:


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I was checking Grant Application - Livepeer Innovators DAO and I have a question.

Are you also interested in community building grants?
I see that the main Telegram channel is mostly about price speculation, it would be great to have a community focused on building (e.g. like the community we built here for The Graph ecosystem.
In our Telegram group we do not talk about price speculation but we just foster the ecosystem’s growth. We also have our own blog where we help people coming on board in web3 (and delegate in The Graph network).

Hi @dpiomede, yes Telegram is allowed price talk for Livepeer, but our Discord is the main location where builders and developers can talk without any noise.

We don’t allow price talk in our Discord, which I believe is similar to The Graph.

Btw huge fans of The Graph!