How To: Connect Livepeer to Metamask


Connect Livepeer to Metamask

This “How To” is for people who are running a Livepeer node, and who would like to manage the interactions with Ethereum Blockchain using Metamask.

For this, you will need:

  1. Metamask installed in any browser (e.g. Chrome, Brave)
  2. The passphrase you used when you first initialised the Livepeer node (if you have not yet run the Livepeer node, perhaps follow these instructions first.)

Here’s how:

  • Import your Livepeer configuration file into Metamask

    • Open Metamask (click the icon in your browser)

    • Click on the “Accounts” button


    • Select “Import Account”


    • Select “JSON File”


    • Select “Choose file” and select the file stored in ~/.lpData/keystore which starts with UTC

      • For example, my UTC file is called: UTC--2018-03-10T22-17-39.692160001Z--ee5447fa534b3cf77600559c104815ba9db73554
      • If you are using a Mac, you must first copy the UTC file to your Desktop using the following instructions
        • Open Terminal
        • Copy and paste this text (but do not press return)
          • sudo cp ~/.lpData/keystore/UTC
        • Press the TAB key once
          • this should automatically complete the file name
        • Copy and paste this text
          • ~/Desktop/
        • Press return
          • You will probably be prompted for a password
          • Use the password that you use for logging in to your computer
    • Enter the password you used when you set a passphrase when you ran a Livepeer node

    • Click “Import”

This should create a new account on Metamask.

  • Add LPT tokens into your account

    • Open Metamask (click the icon in your browser)

    • Select “TOKENS”


    • Select “ADD TOKEN”


    • For “Token Contract Address” use the following:

      0x58b6a8a3302369daec383334672404ee733ab239 - for Ethereum Mainnet

      0x24f56ef2fed379421bee64ecafc2bc744f72522b - for Ethereum’s Rinkeby testnet

    • This should populate the other fields with “LPT” and “18”


    • Click “Add” and this should now show your tokens:


If you have any questions, please email me at


Quick note that:

A) The LPT token address listed in this post is referring to Rinkeby LPT. On Ethereum’s main net the address is: 0x58b6a8a3302369daec383334672404ee733ab239

B) This is only necessary if you’re looking to import a JSON keystore file. You can also just transfer LPT/ETH to a Metamask account via any normal token transfer method, and then you don’t need to import a key.