How to: Install MetaMask on Chrome Browser - to enable Web 3.0


MetaMask is a useful tool for using Ethereum to interact with Web 3.0 Applications.

It is a plugin for your browser, and can be installed on Chrome, Firefox or Opera. Also, if you use Brave as your browser, the plugin is already included, but must be activated (see below). This plugin does not work on Safari.

This tutorial will help you to install and configure MetaMask on your browser, and assumes that you already have Chrome already installed.

  1. Go to MetaMask Homepage.

  2. Click image to reveal the following:

  1. Click image, which will pop up a window showing:


  2. Click image, and after a short time, an icon with an orange dog’s head will appear in the top right of the screen:

Now you have MetaMask installed, you must configure it for the first time.

  1. Click on the orange dog icon image in the top right corner, to start the configuration setup.

  2. Read the Privacy Notice then click image

  3. Read the Terms of Use.

    You must scroll all the way to the bottom before the ACCEPT button will become active.

  4. Click image


  5. Enter a new password to encrypt your MetaMask address information, then click image

    You will enter this password every time you open MetaMask

  6. You will now be shown 12 words in a particular order. These words are used to generate your Ethereum address and your private key


  1. Write these words down by hand on paper, and store them somewhere very safe.

    It is very important that you save these words, and also to write them in the correct order.

    If someone gains access to these words, they will be able to gain access to your funds.

    It is not recommended to save these words digitally, as this presents a more easy opportunity for a hacker to access your words, and also your account.

  2. Once you have copied your seed words somewhere safe, click image

Congratulations - you have created a new Ethereum account, which is connected to your browser using MetaMask:


The remainder of this tutorial is to help you to familiarise yourself with your MetaMask account

  1. Click on the image icon next to where it says “Account 1”

    This will reveal the following options:


  2. Select image to see the fully transparent public record of all transactions on this account.

  3. Select image to view the QR code for your account:


    You can also click the image icon to copy your address to your clipboard

  4. Select image to copy your Ethereum address to your clipboard.

You are now ready to start using MetaMask and Ethereum on a large number of websites which are using Web 3.0 technologies for sharing value.

For example, you can now visit and leave a tip to fund ongoing production, or contribute to any other Livepeer broadcaster:


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