Know Your Orchestrator

:mega: Welcome to Know Your Orchestrator (KYO) segment :sunny:

This initiative is being led by the team here at Live Pioneers, with the main objective of introducing the technical and professional profiles of each Orchestrator in the Livepeer ecosystem, as well as highlighting any goals they may have. We hope this will help foster ties between Delegators and their favorite Orchestrators.

Every two weeks, we publish a new interview :microphone:

Below you can find a link for each interview:

Discover what’s behind an Orchestrator and meet the passionate individuals making an impact in web3 and the Livepeer ecosystem.

You can find all the interviews with our amazing Orchestrators in the specific KYO section from our blog:


:mega: We just published a new edition of Know Your Orchestrator, this time with @Authority_Null

In our latest Know Your Orchestrator segment, Null talks about how he found Livepeer in 2018 and started running his own nodes, thanks to the support from the community and his determination :clap:

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