My wallet was hacked

My Metamask wallet was compromised the offender started un-staking my tokens on December 16th and they now say “un-staked” but they have not been removed via transaction, nor have they re-appeared in my Metamask Wallet, so potentially I could move them to a safe place before losing more of my LPT tokens. They are the part of my small retirement effort, as I have no 401k, nor a house, and I am 73 and looking for a way to transfer and save some of my remaining tokens. Lost about 10,000 dollars already and only have about 15 k left in a number of compromised wallets. The perpetrator conned me into entering my seed phrases into a website in an effort to fix a Cardano issue. It was unfortunately not the Cardano Tech, I thought I was talking to in Discord, He had faked the guys identity. So if I Can transfer the tokens to a different Metamask or other wallet I would so appreciate your help. I have received very little specific help so far for other sources, so please share where i can get accurate info regarding the timing when my tokens will appear in Metamask, from the un-bonding process. And since I see the tokens in Livepeer Explorer and have not seen any large transfer of LPT tokens from my Account, so I presume they are still there, but not for long, I am afraid. It said about 4 days back unstaked. If there was another way of them to transfer without a transactoin showing, as less than 1% of the tokens have been transferred as yet. And Unfortunately I have been doing Crypto for only 3 months now.

Hi Karolak,

Thanks for your response!!

Unfortunately, it was after the Livepeer I had staked, and the hacker had un-staked, became available to withdraw. So I lost it.

Hopefully you will put this info on your self help support section for future users.

William Moore