MetaMask wallets!?

Hello all,

I bridged my livepeer from my MetaMask wallet to stake it but since that time my MetaMask wallet was hacked. Am I able to unstake my livepeer and bridge it back to a NEW MetaMask wallet or does it have to be my old one? Thank you!

I’m sorry to hear about your situation. Staked tokens can only be unstaked to the account that they were staked from originally. Have you checked to see if the hacker started the unbonding process? You can enter your account on the Livepeer explorer to check If the tokens are still in your account join the Livepeer Discord and ask there as it’s more active than the forum and there may be someone that has better advice. Just make sure not to answer DMs offering to help and DO NOT listen to anyone that claims they need to verify your account.

Thank you very much!

It’s worth reaching out to @NightNode who’s dealt with a similar problem.



Add me on discord and we can talk tomorrow about how to transfer it.


Good Afternoon,

Just following up to see if you still need any help.

Let me know!


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