POAPs for Genesis Transcoders


This topic is for discussion around the idea of creating POAP NFTs for Genesis Transcoders in Livepeer Public Transcoding Network.

This is part of activity to celebrate all participants in Livepeer, as the public network expands.

Thank you for reading. All feedback is welcome.


POAP is a project running on Ethereum blockchain, alongside Livepeer.

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The name stands for “Proof-Of-Attendance Protocol”.

The project allows Ethereum users to prove their attendance at certain events, including “in real life” events such as conferences and hackathons, and online events such as online conferences, remote hackathons and network launches.

Events where users have received POAPs include Chaos Communication Congress (CCC), and the eth2 Beacon Chain launch.

Ethereum users are granted NFTs (non-fungible tokens), which can be viewed in a user’s wallet, and in dApps displaying NFTs.

An example of a POAP is below:


NFTs, or “non-fungible tokens” are an emerging standard for tokenising digital assets on Ethereum.

They were proposed in 2017 in Ethereum Improvement Proposal 721 (EIP-721), and further defined as an ERC token standard (ERC-721). More information on this standard can be found on ethereum.org.

POAP was an early pioneer of this standard, minting their first NFT in February 2019, granting it as a POAP to a participant of the ETHDenver hackathon:


This proposal is to enable Transcoders who were active in the first round of Livepeer Protocol to claim a POAP NFT.


Permission to mint the NFT to represent the POAP will be granted to a set of Ethereum addresses who called the transcoder function before the end of the first round of the Livepeer Protocol (estimated as 961 or 962, to be confirmed).

The NFT will include a 400x400 pixel artwork, which is yet to be created. Contributions from the community are welcome, and should pay attention to Livepeer brand guidelines.

NFTs will be minted on xDAI chain, with gas paid via a meta-transaction relayer, and can also be migrated to Ethereum Mainnet at the user’s expense:


As the Livepeer Public Transcoding Network (LPTN) continues to grow, this idea celebrates those participants who were there at the beginning.

Those who helped to bootstrap the network into existence, when the protocol was first lauched onchain, to Ethereum Layer 1 Mainnet.

And not only certain members of the core team (who remembers this gif?)… also members of the community who trusted the protocol enough to stake their capital to it, and start running infrastructure!

What next?

Further opportunities exist to celebrate historical participants in helping Livepeer Public Transcoding Network to where it is today.

These include:

  • Pre-genesis project supporters, who participated in the process of getting the protocol to launch

  • Users of the MerkleMine, who helped distribute tokens to the Ethereum community

  • Users who have delegated stake, who secure the network by supporting Transcoders and receiving a share of fees and rewards.

Looking also to the future, POAPs can be used to celebrate further community participation, such as:

  • Orchestrators who have received at least 1 “winning ticket” in Livepeer’s Probabilistic Micropayments Protocol.

  • Recipients of grants from Livepeer Community Grants Programme.

  • Transcoders who receive payouts on @livepool


Thanks to all those who have helped Livepeer become what it is today. I look forward to continuing to work with each and every one of you, as we build a more open and fair video infrastructure for the world to use.

Thanks also to @nryan for initial feedback and support on this idea.

Comments from @NicoV in Livepeer Discord, saved here for completeness.

Hey @videoDAC where can I find the Livepeer branding guidelines to start creating POAPs for you?




Thank you @unvetica.eth

The brand guidelines exist, but are not yet published on livepeer.org

The official LP color palette is as follows for digital applications.

Black: #000000
White: #ffffff
Green: #00eb87
Tan: #faf5ef
Grey: #afafaf

Font is AkkuratMono OTPro (DM me on Discord @videoDAC#1996 if this IPFS link doesn’t work for you)

Logos are here

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Perhaps some thought could also be given to how POAPs might appear in the explorer.livepeer.org against an address’s profile - like on here somewhere:

Some design contribution:

Genesis Validator POAP