Transcoder Campaign: Bolt Orchestrator

Introducing Bolt - A Community Rewards Orchestrator

We are a community rewards-focused orchestrator with three core value propositions:

  • Donate up to 10% reward cut back to the community each month
  • Create incentives to stimulate community growth
  • Offer rewards programs for interested delegators and new members

If you are committed to support the long term vision of Livepeer, please stake!

Stake Now→ 0xd1366b85ea804cbb4493f2cc9d3d805f86bd61b2

Reward cut: 15%
Fee Cut: 95%

Starting today, we are excited to announce our first program:

Community Pool Rewards for Top Voted Livepeer Projects :grinning:

Below is a list of hand picked projects (alongside their creators) building on Livepeer. We are offering each Bolt delegator a vote on the first project to receive next month’s 10% reward cut from Bolt.

To earn your vote, delegate to 0xd1366b85ea804cbb4493f2cc9d3d805f86bd61b2 and comment the name of the project which you believe should receive next month’s donation, starting at 10%.

(We’ll message you directly to verify delegation :slightly_smiling_face:)

First projects in the running

About Bolt

We will offer the community a chance to select and vote on a project to receive the returning 10% reward cut accrued by the project-specific validator. This money will go to help fund and stimulate the growth of up and coming projects within a network. E.g. project’s built on Livepeer would be voted on by the Livepeer community (delegators) to receive these funds every month.

Increasing community rewards

Our goal is to dynamically increase the project reward pool while simultaneously committing to the growth of the Livepeer community at large. Because of this, voting power will only be given to delegates who stake to us. As the monthly pools grow, we plan to cede both voting and project selection power to the entire Livepeer community.

Long-term vision

Our community rewards orchestrator will introduce varying rewards programs, from pool together lotteries for delegators to social impact funds. Rather than centralizing value and profits to a select few, we plan to reward all community members. Per our mission, we believe validators should act as focal off ramps to bootstrap community development, not only centralized for-profit entities.

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