Transcoder Campaign: Consensus Networks

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Hello LivePeer community!

We’re Consensus Networks, a blockchain company focused 100% on building infrastructure optimized for use in blockchain networks!

Delegate to the Consensus Networks Transcoder here: 0x8d3803ecfe86afbb25899a806b46714914b0a4b5

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Who we are

Simply put, blockchain infrastructure is what we do. We create custom, blockchain dedicated infrastructure optimized for developers and enterprise customers. We utilize tier 4 datacenters and offer military-grade security, high throughput, and low latent connections to provide developers and enterprise with the support they need.

Our Purpose

We want to help build and shape the future of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies by creating and sharing value with our partners. We believe that our value creation lies in building network infrastructure to power blockchain.

Our Goals

Our primary goal is to bring blockchain mainstream. Our part of this journey is providing top tier infrastructure to build on. As we’ve been in the blockchain space for a time, we’ve also noticed that there is a need to create tools and applications for developers and consumers to use which will help spur adoption. As such, we are starting to focus more on building those things on top of the blockchains we support. This is a long term goal for us and we are still hiring the final personnel we’ll need to accomplish this, but we expect to be able to show positive and solid progress by fall 2019. Keep an eye out in the forum for updates!

Goals for the LivePeer Community:

  • Be active in governance and consistently participate. We’re not speculators or an investment firm and frankly, we’ve seen a little too much of that lately. We want to support synergy within the community to continue to build a valuable product!
  • Help build additional functionalities for LivePeer! We are believers that LivePeer can transform the way video is streamed and we are even more interested in building tools that can leverage LivePeer to help stop “deep-fakes”. We’ll be looking into this more over the summer and will provide updates to the community as we work.
  • We’re not aware of a community pool for grants at this time, but are willing to look at contributing a portion of our rewards to a community pool that could be used as a grant by devs in the community to build new features!
  • We’ll be increasing our stake over the coming weeks and to get into the top 20 transcoders or higher.
  • We’re doing this full time so we’ll ensure that rewards are called daily.
  • We’ll have automated escalation chains to maximize server uptime.


We’re running a VPS instance right now:

4 core



We plan on transitioning to a server in our data center by the end of March 2019 where we’ll run on similar specs, have full server backups, faster write speeds, and up to 10GB of bandwidth (if we need it).

Fee share, reward cut, and price:

These numbers will potentially change over time, however we are committed to transparency and will provide ample notice before changing anything.

We’ll be posting weekly updates to the forum and will strive for maximum transparency for all that we do on the LivePeer network.

Based on what we’ve observed, these are our initial cuts:

Reward Cut = 10.00%
Fee Share = 35%
Price = 150 GWEI

Join Us!

Check us out at

Follow us on twitter @consensusnet

Feel free to join our discord:

Delegate to the Consensus Networks Transcoder here: 0x8d3803ecfe86afbb25899a806b46714914b0a4b5

Thank you!

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Weekly Update:

Hello Livepeer Community,

Thanks to those who staked to us! We made all reward calls this week and will continue to stay on top of it. We’ll continue to add small amounts to our stake to get this transcoder into the top 20. We’ve also reduced our rewards cut to 5%.

We’re excited to finish our first week transcoding and will continue to post updates!

(almost) weekly update.

Hello Livepeer!

We’re excited to remain in the active set and are continuing to add to our stake, we also called all rewards this week. Thanks to those who have staked and we’re hoping to get more people staking with us soon! We spent time this week ensuring we’re fully updated and hardening our node to ensure maximum security. We’ll be transitioning early next month to tier 4 data center hardware to maximize our reliability, security, and uptime.

We’re building a bot to help track rewards in our discord channel and we’re also working on setting up some live streaming events to demo the platform - more updates to follow!