Transcoder Campaign: 0xda43d Bison Trails Livepeer Transcoder

Hi LivePeer community!

We are Bison Trails Computing, a blockchain infrastructure company based in the US. We have been long time believers in LivePeer and have been working hard to bring our own secure and reliable transcoder to the network. We are experienced developers and miners and, with your support, plan to build more community tools as the network matures.

As part of our campaign, we wanted to share our first open source project that we have been building to optimize merkle mining so that you can mine your own LPT efficiently. We hope that you all love this tool and will choose to bond to our transcoder as you mine LPT. Check out the Bison Trails merkle miner on GitHub!

Bond to our Transcoder! – 0xda43d85b8d419a9c51bbf0089c9bd5169c23f2f9

95% of round rewards goes to you, the token holder. We only keep 5% of rewards.
60% of earned ETH goes to you.
Price per segment is 200 Gwei.

And we are committing to always calling the daily reward() call.

We are committed to monitoring the network to see how much we should be charging for transcoding jobs. We think that having our node take a very low reward cut (5%) with a high fee share (60%) is good for folks looking to stake to a node and is good for early interest in the platform.

Our Mission
Bison Trails Computing is a builder, believer, and long-term investor in blockchain technologies. We are seasoned software, hardware, and embedded systems engineers with over 15 years of industry experience. We build and operate blockchain focused data centers across North America and operate hardware on new Mainnet and upcoming testnet blockchains. We believe that building transparent and secure decentralized infrastructure will have long-lasting impact on the networks we work with. We are building for the future.

Commitment to security and uptime
We commit to providing the best DDoS protection available, secure key management and best practices in securing our infrastructure. We are committed to maintaining 99.9% uptime for our systems. We deploy geographically distributed systems across North America and redundant auto-scaling systems built to handle outages, service interruptions and spikes in network traffic.

We have setup monitoring and alerting on our LivePeer transcoder to ensure that it is always up and able to transcode new jobs. We are also monitoring it to make sure it calls reward every day. We don’t want anyone missing out!

Our Hardware
We are running our transcoder on an Amazon EC2 instance with 16 vCPU, 15 GiB mem and 1,000 Mbps dedicated EBS bandwidth. For now it is a bit overkill but we plan to monitor activity and usage of the network and plan to upgrade our hardware over time. We also have GPU machines ready to go once there is more activity on the network and special purpose hardware becomes required.


Thanks for open sourcing the mining scripts for the community!

I know a lot of community-miners are having trouble getting their transactions confirmed right now, so I’m sure publicizing any updates that you can make to the script (or web UI’s that leverage the techniques), would be appreciated by the community and would attract some LPT delegation!

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Hi everyone!

We just pushed an update to our Bulk Merkle Mining script –

Our advice is to use really small bulk transactions, like 5 or less addresses, so that they get picked up before someone else can get in front of them. This is configurable in the .env file.

It should get ahead of the front runner for a little while. I don’t know if it will last forever, but we will be updating an endpoint regularly to try to keep the community mining. We are also working on a couple other things that might help folks out so stay tuned.

We would love if you all bonded to our transcoder if you like the work we are doing!

And to be fully transparent, we will also be increasing our reward cut for a little while since trying to stay in front of this is taking a bit of extra bandwidth on our side.

Let us know what you think and we are happy to help people get the script up and running!

  • Aaron
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