Transcoder Campaign: United Stakes


We’re United Stakes, group of blockchain enthusiasts from Russia. We’ve been in read-only mode more than half of year and the time has come to put our best efforts and expertise to Livepeer community.

Delegate now: 0xa1751df383ca274fe3b872440943cdb1170ff04b

Rewards & Fees

We will take a 5 % fee of block LPT rewards and 0 % of transcoding ETH fees (yes, we will share all of these to all of our delegators!). The price per video segment are 150 Gwei.


We’re starting with 8 x 2.3 GHz CPU, 16 GB RAM, 400 GB SSD server and custom node management and monitoring scripts. In the nearest future we’re plan to migrate our infrastructure to bare metal servers with powerful GPUs to provide best possible video transcoding performance.


In two weeks we will run Livepeer Telegram Bot that will automatically claims the reward and provide useful Livepeer protocol insights, stats and notifications to our delegators.

Hi guys, great to see your campaign in here!

And it looks like you’re running some pretty powerful hardware.

How is it going with your efforts to attract enough delegated stake to become active?

What do you see as being your advantage over other nodes?