Transcoder Campaign: ftkuhnsman

Here i wrote some guide.

I am happy to announce that ftkuhnsman has successfully migrated to Arbitrum and will be calling reward daily from this point forward.

Due to our temporary high level of stake (thanks for Titan Node’s startup grant) we have set reward and fee cuts to 100%. However, as we receive winning tickets and collect reward we are will be manually sending shares to our delegators. Once our grant expires next week we will set the fee cut to 60%.

As for the reward cut, we have not decided on a specific value yet as we are still considering what would be appropriate to help offset the cost of running the nodes and ensure we are being fair to our pool partners. However, I can confirm that we will be aiming for a low value that favors our delegators. More info to come over the next week or two.

On another note, I want to encourage all of our delegators to reach out to us here or on discord with your contact information. We would like to start hosting periodic status updates and invite our delegators to participate. Ftkuhnsman’s success is driven by our delegator support, so we want to ensure we hear your thoughts/opinions as we decide on fee/reward cut changes moving forward.


ftkuhnsman has updated its cuts. We will continue with this arrangement for the foreseeable future. For any changes from this point forward we would like to include our delegators in the discussion. Please reach out on discord (ftkuhnsman#5819) or email to share your thoughts.

Fee cut = 50%
Reward cut = 4%

Reward will continue to be called every day. Further, we want to keep fee cut at 50% so our delegators can share equitably in our transcoding earnings. Given are stake is still relatively small, our delegators will benefit greatly.


Although our Start-up grant is likely to end very soon, we have lowered our reward cut to 0% to comply with Titan Node’s new rules. Given the competitive landscape of the network right now, and in the interest of growing our node as rapidly as possible, we intend to keep reward cut at 0% minimally for the next few months. In full transparency, we will not keep the reward cut at 0% forever, but never intend to raise it above 5%. Ideally we would like to get to a point where we can increase reward cut slightly and lower fee cuts substantially.

Don’t hesitate to reach out on discord (ftkuhnsman#5819) or email ( if you have any questions or would like to share your opinions.

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Ftkuhnsman has added a new feature to our website, a delegator earnings calculator. Enter the address of any active orchestrator (all orchestators can be found at and the amount of LPT you want to delegate; the calculator will show you estimated earnings based on actual LPT and ETH earned over time.

We have also added a new and improved status dashboard that shows our current stream count, total stake, average daily earnings, and more.

Happy staking!

Hi All.

Due to current market conditions, ftkuhnsman will be increasing our fee cut to 75%. We understand that our delegators have benefited from a favorable 50% fee cut and we do not make this decision lightly. The costs of running a competitive orchestrator are high and we must take this action to prevent ftkuhnsman from operating at a loss.

We will lower our fee cut again when market conditions improve.

Thank you for your support and understanding.