Transcoder Campaign: Graficadirecta


Hi all,

I am Pablo from Graficadirecta and I am in charge of maintaining the new orchestrator we have set up on the Livepeer Network.

Graficadirecta is a video streaming provider in Spain, and these past few month, we have been using livepeer to broadcast many of our clients streams, accounting for roughly 20K minutes of video streamed into the network monthly.

Working with the livepeer team has been great, and we truly believe livepeer will be the future of decentralized video infrastructure, that is why we have decided to start contributing to the livepeer network and livepeer protocol.

Server specs

The orchestrator is being hosted on a bare metal server.

CPU: 4 Cores @ 2.1 GHz

GPU : GeForce GTX 1080 8GB

RAM: DDR4 16GB 2133

Disk: 2x SSD 250GB

NIC: 3Gbps Uplink

Ideally, this set up will allow us to maintain up to 6 concurrent streams being transcoded.

Current price per pixel is: 1000 wei

Fees and rewards:

We will start with a 50% reward cut and a 50% fee cut.

Currently due to low stake, rewards are not being called because of high gas fees.

The idea is to gradually reduce the eth fee cut as we receive stake and we manage to cover the cost of running this operation.

LPT rewards fees will go down as soon as gas prices go down and we get a bit more stake.

We are building a small web based utility to calculate rewards / fee gains based on how much stake you want to delegate.

You can find this utility here


We are building this because we like the livepeer project and we want to start using the network to broadcast more heavily, so we want to contribute to the pool of reliable transcoders.

Feel free to delegate at the livepeer dashboard

Thank you for reading.

Week one:

Total stake: 824
Performance leaderboard:

  • 4th globally
  • 5th EU
  • 100% success rate.

Hi @pablov, welcome to the community.

How are things with your Orchestrator? Have you been receiving many jobs?

A couple of notes, which might help…

  1. Orchestrators are being advised to cut their prices to 200-400 wei per pixel, per this announcement on Discord: Discord I don’t know if you saw this announcement, so perhaps you already changed your pricing.

  2. Did you set up Prometheus / Grafana monitoring? This can be an excellent way to observe activities on your node, and also to share data about it’s operations, like this:

Hi @chrishobcroft,

I have received almost no traffic to the orchestrator, I think this is due to the great influx of new orchestrators and the relatively low traffic coming into the network overall.

I’ve been very busy lately so i havent been actively checking and maintaining the orchestrator.

Yes, i have installed graphana and prometeus to monitor the orchestrator.

Thanks for checking in!