Transcoder Campaign:

Hi. My Name is Thomas and i have several years of experience operating blockchain nodes. I work with bare-metal servers i build, fully customize and operate in a colocation datacenter. I am quite new to lpt, but are always commited to finish what i start. From operating Filecoin, The Graph, Ethereum and Arbitrum Fullnodes i learned a lot about reliable hosting, security, performance optimization, monitoring and backups.

I have several nodes with different performance profiles: Xeon, Epyc and Ryzen. At the moment i am using a NVIDIA RTX A4000. The uplink is 10 Gbit/s. The Datacenter is located between Frankfurt and Amsterdam, and connected to both Hubs DE-CIX and AMX-IX.

The Orchestrator:
the LPT fee is only 7%
the ETH are shared 50-50

I want to learn and grow. I wouold be very happy if you would support me so can grow together.


Welcome Thomas, great to have you with us!

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