Transcoder Campaign: Titan Node

Hi everyone!

Titan Node is a group of Livepeer enthusiasts across Western North America who have been a part of the crypto community since 2013. Some of our members joined the Bitcoin Foundation in 2014 and have been active in contributing to the growth and development of the crypto ecosystem since then.

We built Titan Node with the dedication of bringing reliable and decentralized processing power to the Livepeer network.

We operate an Orchestrator node in Los Angeles with each member providing Transcoding power from their desired location and equipment spread across North America. Our pool of Transcoders assist in bringing reliable uptime and affordable Transcoding to our Livepeer customers.

If you would like to reach out or are interested in joining our group please reach us at:

Delegate your LPT tokens here:

Visit our website here:

Thank you

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Payout Alert

Orchestrator Payout

Titan Node just earned 0.1800 ETH ($435.42) transcoding approximately 50,075 minutes of video.

Orchestrator Payout

Titan Node just earned 0.1800 ETH ($437.51) transcoding approximately 50,075 minutes of video.


Hi Delegators,
We are preparing launch of Titan Node 2. This will be our second Orchestrator Node located in North America for testing and benchmarking practices. It will also be a separately managed node with differing Fees cuts.

The purpose of this node is to increase the reliability and performance all Titan Node Orchestrators.

Feel free to check it out here: Livepeer Explorer

Happy Transcoding :slight_smile:

New Video posted

Buy Livepeer on Uniswap in 3 EASY steps

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Posted a new video:
Livepeer Staking in 10 Minutes

This will help people with step by step instruction on how to stake Livepeer.

00:00 Introduction
00:33 Connect Metamask
01:51 How To Stake
05:38 How To Move Stake
08:59 How To Unstake
11:39 Withdraw Orchestrator Fees

Happy transcoding :slight_smile:

New Video Posted
Ultimate Livepeer Staking Guide | Earn Massive Returns

Learn how to stake Livepeer and earn passive income from investing with profitable Orchestrators. Picking the right Orchestrator can be daunting. In this video we will be going through how to evaluate a Livepeer Orchestrator and earn massive returns.

00:00 Introduction
00:37 What Is Livepeer
01:17 Livepeer Tokenomics
02:09 Livepeer Rewards
04:52 ETH Rewards
07:58 Orchestrator Performance
09:43 A Secret Tool

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Hi everyone!

Just posted a tutorial for fellow Orchestrators to set up geo-locating DNS services with Route 53.

Hopefully this tutorial will help bring even more decentralization, greater speed and reliability to the Livepeer customers.

Happy Transcoding :slight_smile:

Just staked my LPT with you this morning but livepeer explorer says I have not staked any lpt? Do I need to wait for a confirmation from Titan Node? Sorry new here so just learning the process

Hi Jgunny, thanks so much for staking with us!
No you do not have to wait for Titan Node to confirm your staking. It should go through once the transaction has confirmed.
If you’re still having trouble please contact us directly on discord: Titan-Node#6697
Thank you!

Titan Node has just passed 50k LPT Staked!

Thank you to our delegators and thanks you to the Livepeer community for supporting the movement of a decentralized video streaming future!

Finished the first 3 videos in the “How to start up a Livepeer Orchestrator” series.

Happy transcoding :slight_smile:

Titan Node Update
Titan Node has been steadily building LPT stake and we want to thank YOU our delegators. We just passed 87K LPT in stake. This benefits our delegators with daily LPT rewards, also provides transcoding rewards in ETH to each delegator relative to stake.

Thank you for supporting Titan Node and Livepeer to build a better future and to help “build the world’s open video infrastructure”, while making your investment in LPT grow.

Hello delegators

In recent light with the increased gas fees on the Ethereum network the price to call reward has increased substantially.

With most of the calls around 80 Gwei and some reaching 140 Gwei, the average price to call reward is now between $75-$140 a day.

When I set out to provide 0% fee cut, I had set aside around $5,000 to burn in calling reward in order to attract new delegators as Titan Node was just getting started. This was as a 6 month promotion to build a relationship with our delegators and community members.

As we now see the ETH network being clogged up with mostly Opensea and NFT transactions, the original $5,000 is likely not going to cover the cost of calling reward every day until 2022.

I believe calling reward every day and introducing new inflationary LPT to our delegators will be the greatest benefit to delegating to Titan Node and I want to keep our track record of calling 30/30 days locked in.

Therefore I will have to add a fee cut in order to cover expenses until fees drop again and return to normal operation.

Once gas stabilizes below 30 Gwei I will be able to return to 0% cut until the 6 month promotion ends.

Thank you for your understanding

If you have any concerns about this or need more information please contact us at:

Happy Transcoding :slight_smile:

Orchestrator Payout

Titan Node just earned 0.1800 ETH ($701.52) transcoding approximately 50,075 minutes of video.


As an experimental program I would like to announce @papa_bear has been granted the first Titan Node - Start Up Grant.

His Orchestrator called Solar Farms will be granted a temporary stake by Titan Node in order to jump start his Orchestrator to promote his node, attract new delegators, test and improve transcoding performance, and most of all, join in a leadership capacity to help others in the Livepeer Ecosystem.

You can view the status of the results here:

Happy Transcoding :slight_smile:

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Hello Delegators

We have added a status page for our servers we are transcoding on.

This shows our server uptime and displays our dedication to providing high quality transcoding service to ensure our pool members and delegators can partake in maximum rewards.

You can view them here:

Happy Transcoding :slight_smile:

Hello Delegators,

As I was checking the status of our recent winning ticket I noticed we had topped the number 1 and 2 spot for Global Orchestrator Performance.

Great to see our mix of properly clocked GPUs, geo-locating DNS and strategic locations are working well.

Hopefully we can keep improving as other are too.

Happy Transcoding :slight_smile:


Excited to announce the launch of Livepeer Academy!

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about The Livepeer Ecosystem.

This is the first release, more to come :slight_smile:

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