Weekly Update - Video Edition! - 7/28/2017

And now for something completely different…

This week I decided to do a live video update instead of our usual forum post. You can download it via ipfs address QmaqjgoM3992Ty4vUfRL9FxCynKKo3KM1ryX9grEtaKyCt or just give it a watch via Youtube…

We cover the new livepeer node, libp2p, livepeer-swarm, protocol, community updates, and a demo!


Great stuff… exciting to see it working in reality.

What’s the link to the YouTube channel where we can see these updates?

I got it working very roughly between 2 MACs in Berlin - but a lot of interference.

I think this is the link to the “channel”: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvSmXG3k71cfPMdCAKlgODA

I’ve also been putting the videos on IPFS and Swarm, but it’s a little harder for people to discover and access those links at the moment.

Cool. Perhaps rename the channel to “Livepeer” so that it is more findable via a search.

It wasn’t letting me do that, but I see you were able to create a Livepeer brand account. Thanks. I guess I can put videos there going forward.

Hey! Totally new here. Just found you on google and joined up. Great to see this update! There are a LOT of youtubers who are looking for alternatives in the crypto space. We are tired of being censured or our videos restricted. Mark Dice put up a video this week on the new YT rules. He has over 1 million subs.

Thanks again and I’m going to be watching with interest in hopes that LivePeer will go live and provide an alternative for creators who just want to create for our audience.

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Is it possible to invest in pre-ICO at a discount?

Shared on Steemit!


Can you please send me the ipfs link for the first community call?

I’d like to share it with some people, but want to send a clear decentralised message by showing us using ipfs